When to Use a Dehumidifier – Winter or Summer?

A dehumidifier can be a lifesaver when the moisture in the air is less than optimal for us. In fact, a dehumidifier is a handy piece of equipment to have lying around the house. They can remove humidity during allergy season to soothe your suffering, reduce odors and prevent the growth of mold, and it can help keep the cost of your air conditioner down. 

With all the benefits of a dehumidifier, it’s a no brainer that we should all want one in our home – but the question still remains, when should we be using it? 

Well, there’s no set timeframe in which you’re allowed to turn on your dehumidifier. If you think that the air in your house could benefit from it, plug it in and set it to work. The time and duration that you’ll want your dehumidifier to work will depend on your location, the temperature, and your lifestyle. 

What is humidity?

Humidity is where the air all around us is full of water. The higher the percentage humidity it is, the more water vapor is hanging in the air. You’ll often notice that when it is very humid, you feel sticker and dewier on your skin. 

This feeling is because the moisture on your skin, whether it be sweat or water, cannot be evaporated into the air because it is already carrying its maximum amount of moisture. Humidity can cause dehydration, muscle cramps, heat stroke, migraine headaches, as well as many more. 

How does a dehumidifier work?

Most dehumidifiers work by sucking the air into the machine through a vent. This air is then led around a cold coil. A refrigeration system is used within the dehumidifier to keep the coil as cold as possible. 

The water vapor from the air, or in other words, the humidity, turns into condensation on the cold coil. The condensation droplets then slowly drop into a water bottle below. The air is then let back out into the room, just without the high humidity weighing it down. 

When should you use a dehumidifier?

Ah, there, the life-altering question is again. Well, if you’re desperate to know what season you should be bringing out your dehumidifier, we’re here to shed some light on the whole situation. 

No matter what the answer is, you are legally allowed to use your own dehumidifier whenever you want. Just remember to check the settings before leaving it to work its magic, as there are often different temperature settings depending on the season.  

If you’re someone that suffers from the effects of humidity, you’ll be more knowledgeable of when you should turn your dehumidifier on. This type of machine can be a real necessity for people who cannot leave their houses in fear of the dreaded humidity. 

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the benefits and drawbacks of using your dehumidifier in both the summer and the winter. 


Depending on where you live, summer can be incredibly hot and humid. This can make you uncomfortable in the house, day and night, when you’re trying to get comfortable to go to sleep. If you have allergies, you cannot open the windows to prevent pollen or other allergens from tracking you down. 

Don’t even get us started about the number of bugs that are destined to fly in and cause chaos. However, how can you stand this sticky heat without opening the windows? Especially if you have a lot of windows around your house, you could be faced with a quick heating oven. What are you to do in this situation? 

Ah, well, this could be a great time to crack out the dehumidifier! Reducing the amount of humidity in your house can make you instantly more comfortable in your home without all the worry of allergies or bugs. 

You’ll need to experiment with the settings on your dehumidifier so that you can find the optimal solution for you and your house. Taking too much moisture out of the air might cause your skin to dry out and cause minor skin irritation, so don’t whack on the highest setting for the maximum amount of time just because the humidity is currently unbearable. Slow and steady wins the race in this case!

Remember, your dehumidifier will need to be emptied more often during the summer. If you accidentally forget to drain the water collection container, you might find yourself left in the middle of a flood. We doubt that mopping up copious amounts of water is on your summer bucket list, so make sure that you check the water level periodically. 

Our final piece of knowledge about using your dehumidifier in the summer is not to turn it on with the windows open. It is effectively the same as putting the central heating on while having the door wide open in winter. Your dehumidifier will be trying to collect the humidity from both indoors and outdoors, which is impossible for even the most excellent dehumidifier. 

Doing so will only lead to disappointment and wasted energy. Not only will you still feel sticky and hot, but your energy bill will be rising rather quickly. If you don’t want to spend money without becoming more comfortable, make sure that you close the windows before starting up the dehumidifier. 


Not many people associate using a dehumidifier with the colder months of winter, but it can actually be equally as helpful as using the machine in the summer. However, people who have suffered from mold and damp in their houses will know the importance of dehumidifying the infected rooms. 

Mold is relentless and can grow very quickly. Once the spores have formed, it seems as though you’re locked into a battle of the ages. As the temperature drops, there is often more moisture in the air. Most of us don’t think about opening our windows during the winter, so the humid air is often trapped in our houses. 

Using a dehumidifier can help dry out the air without making you colder or compromising the work of your central heating. The moisture can be wicked away from the walls and ceilings of your rooms, which will prevent mold and damp from festering. 

Another benefit of using a dehumidifier in the winter is that maintaining a constant level of humidity can prevent germs from spreading from place to place. As the flu is so prominent in the winter, using a dehumidifier can put your mind at ease that your family isn’t going to contract a horrible illness. 

If you were to get a common cold or the flu, however, don’t throw your dehumidifier out just yet. Using your dehumidifier while you’re ill can help you to feel better and more comfortable in your environment, promoting fast rehabilitation and getting you back to fighting fit quicker.

Whether this is science or simply psychological, we’ll never know, but many people have claimed that using their dehumidifier has helped them to get back on their feet more comfortable. 

There is one issue with using your dehumidifier during the winter, however, and it will be particularly concerning to people who live in colder climates. If you suffer from extremely cold winters and use your dehumidifier, you might run the risk of breaking the internal mechanisms.

As the coil is already being cooled by the refrigeration system, there is a chance that the lowered temperature of the winter may further reduce the temperature so much that it freezes altogether. If this happens, you run the risk of breaking the system altogether. 

Luckily for anyone who lives in a colder climate, there should be a simple fix to this problem. Simply run the dehumidifier along with a heater to ensure that the machine is kept warm enough to function correctly and efficiently. 

Either keep the heater at a low setting throughout the day or only use it for a couple of hours to keep the energy costs down and prevent your house from overheating to the point of uncomfortable. The heat should also prevent mold and dampness from infesting your home, so it’s a win-win situation.

Final Say

To sum up, feel free to use your dehumidifier in both the summer and the winter. If you’re feeling wild, you can even use it in the spring and the autumn! The choice is up to you, so make sure that you do whatever makes you feel comfortable. 

Using your dehumidifier in the summer can wick away the sweat from your body and the stickiness from your home. Make a more comfortable environment for your entire family without worrying about allergies and flying insects. 

Alternatively, bring your dehumidifier out during winter to prevent the spread of mold as well as making you feel better during the dreaded flu season. No matter what you use your dehumidifier for, there is no disputing that a dehumidifier is an excellent addition to any household. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your dehumidifier out of storage and whack it on!