Levoit LV600HH Ultrasonic Humidifier – Review

Our review of the Levoit LV600H Ultrasonic Humidifier reveals it as a versatile, high end and impressive product.

We called the Levoit LV600HH versatile because, in addition to providing cold mist for baby rooms, it also provides warm mist which suits the elderly and patients suffering from allergy and asthma. High-end because it includes features like a remote-controlled humidistat, a humidity monitor, and a waterless auto shutoff function. Finally, it is impressive because of its touch control panel, 6 Liter capacity, and an ultra-quiet operation.

Want to know more about the Levoit before making your decision? Our detailed review of this product has got you covered.


  • Lasts more than a day between refills
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Has a humidistat
  • Remote Control and Touch Panel

  • Has to be placed off the floor

Levoit LV600HH – Features

Just like any other humidifier which we have reviewed, the Levoit LV600HH’s features fall into two key categories: key features and good-but-not-great ones. Let’s start with the former.

Key Features
  • Dual-Mist

There are humidifiers in the market which produce only cold mist. Then there are others which ooze out warm mist to take care of the elderly. There is a third class as well, one which is less known, which has the dual-mist option. Needless to say, then, that the Levoit LV600HH falls into the third category. If you want to use it in your children’s room, turn on the cold-mist setting of the humidifier, which will ensure that the humidifier remains cold-to-touch. Conversely, if you have an allergy or asthma patient in your home, the warm-mist setting of this humidifier will come handy. It means that this humidifier has increased utility with its dual-mist setting.

  • Humidistat

Want to know the exact humidity level in your home before you turn the Levoit On? Better yet, looking for a gauge to check how much (or less) humidity the humidifier has pumped into your abode? You could do all this and much more with the humidistat feature of this model. Not only this but if you want to, it also lets you set the humidity level which you want to maintain in your home at all times. Consequently, with the Levoit, you’d have maximum control over your home’s humidity.

  • Touch Control and Remote Control

In the bad old days, we had no choice but to walk towards the unit and press the buttons on its interface if we want to customize our humidifier. The Levoit, thankfully, revolutionizes the game with both these features. In addition to letting you set/change the humidity output of the device, the touch control also has a small LED screen which displays useful information like cold/warm mist options, timers, and auto shutoff. However, if you feel like too lazy to walk to the Levoit, it provides a remote control using which you could customize all these settings right from where you’re sitting. So you don’t have to make that round trio from your sofa to the humidifier and back.

  • Smart Auto Mode

Don’t feel like you have the necessary know-how to set the humidity output of this unit? Well, provided you use its Smart Auto Mode, you won’t have to, for the humidifier will do your job. Yes, the Smart Auto Mode functions by using your home’s humidity to adjust the moisture output of the machine. In this way, it would only provide that amount of humidity which can make your abode comfortable.

Good but Not Great Features
  • Considerable Runtime

Provided you run it at its lowest setting, the Levoit has a mammoth runtime of 36 hours on one refill. However, that doesn’t mean that when you amp its speed up – as it has three-speed settings – its runtime will fall drastically. Instead, as we found out during our review, the Levoit has a considerable runtime of 20 hours even when you adjust its output to super-high. And in case you are looking for the reason, it is the giant 6 Liter tank of this model which makes sure it consumes enough water for long-lasting action.

  • Ultra-Quiet

Research tells that when we talk to each other in office environments, we’re producing a sound level of 60 dB. However, when we talk in the home at a normal voice, our level drops below 40 dB. More importantly, and suiting the context of this article, the Levoit when running at its lowest speed setting produces a noise of 36 dB. That is, when running at slow speed, this humidifier produces less noise than what we hear in a library. That means if you have a super-fussy baby at home who wakes up at the first hint of noise – or an elder who needs pin-drop silence for sleeping – this is the humidifier you can count on.

  • Auto Shutoff

Some people complain that their humidifier increases their energy bills though they rarely keep it running for more than 10-hours a day, That, despite the fact that an average humidifier has minimum electricity consumption. That is, because, their humidifier doesn’t have an auto-shutoff feature. For, this humidifier turns off the unit the moment its water level falls below the safe limit. In this way, with the motor no longer running, your energy bills would show signs of improvement.

User Critique
  •  No Filter

Veteran humidifier users might have noted that we didn’t discuss the type of filter this model uses. Well, that was, because, it doesn’t use any. However, the absence of filter doesn’t mean that the unit would pump out dirty moisture into your home.

Instead, with no filter to keep impurities at bay, the onus is on you to thoroughly clean the filter every week. Not doing so might – and I repeat, MIGHT – expose your household to water impurities.

  • Off the floor placement

The Levoit LV600HH requires you to place it off the floor if you do not want its extra water to puddle the floor. Worse, if the air around the humidifier is dirty, it would also leave white mineral dust on its surrounding floor.

Therefore, if you don’t have the patience to clean the floor adjoining the humidifier every day, place the Levoit off the floor.

Final Verdict
Final Verdict The Levoit LV600HH Ultrasonic Humidifier produces clean moisture and includes high-end features like remote control, humidistat, LED display, and auto shutoff. And while some people might take offense from the absence of filter in this unit – others might take it as a good sign as it means they no longer have to spend on filter replacement costs. Either way, this humidifier makes for a good unit.