Keystone Dehumidifier Kstad70b Review

Whilst it might be one of the cheapest 70-pint dehumidifiers on the market, the Kstad70b is by no means lacking in quality.

An all-around high performer, especially if you are struggling with high levels of humidity, it certainly stands up to its more expensive competitors. We’ve considered the crucial elements that a good dehumidifier should have in order to perform efficiently and effectively, then reviewed this offering from Keystone according to those categories.

Don’t take our word for it, though – read on and discover why we would definitely recommend this unit.


Moisture removal

If you’re in the market for a dehumidifier, the primary question you should be asking is: how much moisture can it remove from the room? If you live in a high-humidity environment and desire to reduce that significantly, the Keystone is absolutely for you.

Capable of removing up to 70 pints (almost 40 litres) of moisture from a room up to 4500 square feet per day, it’s perfect if you’re trying to heavily decrease the humidity of your home or workplace.

A transparent water level indicator constantly demonstrates how full the unit is, whilst a full-bucket alert and automatic shutoff features allow you to empty it only as is necessary.


After moisture removal, the second most important factor to consider in your search is sound. Of course, you’re going to want to a model that performs its work quietly, as you’ll likely want to have it running during the night or whilst you’re going about your everyday activities.

Of all of the current options available, the Keystone is perhaps one of the quietest, and this is owed to its unique design.

Most units exhaust through ventilation at the top of the unit, where the Keystone performs this feat from the side, minimizing noise output whenever it is in use. You’ll sleep soundly through its operation, and anything you do hear might serve as white noise to help you get off to the land of nod even quicker!

However, this does limit where you put the unit, as it means that you need to ensure it is placed in the centre of the room as opposed to tucked away in a corner. The side-vents exhaust warm dry air,  and doing so away from the center of the room will only serve to increase the humidity, as any hot air expelled will also draw moisture.


The desired level of humidity in the room can be adjusted in 5% increments, which is the industry standard for the majority of dehumidifiers available now.

Time-wise, the LED display is limited to two digits, so the timer can only be adjusted in half-hourly increments up to ten hours, after which you’ll have to adjust the timer by an hourly increment, instead.

There are two fan speeds to choose from, ‘normal’ and ‘turbo’ – usually, the jump from low to high would increase the noise output of the fan, but users have noticed that both speeds operate fairly quietly.

A unique delayed start AND stop function allow you to really personalise your usage of the unit. Say you wanted to have the unit stop after a certain number of hours and then kick in again a few hours later – this is possible!

Most other units only allow for selecting a delayed start or stop, so this simultaneous flexibility is useful if you’re out of the house a lot but still want the unit to function in your absence without the worry of over-filling.

The Keystone also proffers a ‘continuous’ mode, where the unit will keep functioning for as long as it is able. This is only possible with the additional purchase of a hose to drain the water, as there isn’t one included in-box.


Considerably lighter than some of its competitors, you might worry that the Keystone is less hard-wearing, but it is simply a result of using lightweight plastic in the construction of its internal components and casings.

The water tank does not come with a pre-installed brace, so may feel a little more flimsy than other units, but is held in place just as steadily.

Most consumer reviews report that this model is able to withstand several years of use before requiring replacement, which, for the price, is more than reasonable. The company offer an extended warranty plan which offers you even more peace of mind should your unit be defective or require a quicker replacement.

Energy efficiency

The Keystone is arguably one of the most energy-efficient humidifiers you can buy, especially when you consider its price point is remarkably lower than its counterparts.

The power rating provided on the packaging is 720 watts, which is already great, but tests have suggested that, when operating at 50% room humidity, the actual measurement is more like 590 watts.

If you have a particularly humid room and require the unit to run for longer at a higher percentage, the value provided is more likely to reflect the output you can expect.

Accuracy and settings

An electronically controlled system with an LED display and an in-built 24-hour timer allows for the highest possible accuracy in measurements. The Keystone’s settings are industry-standard and more than match up to rival humidifiers, which is particularly surprising given the difference in price.

You won’t be missing out just because you can’t afford a fancier option!

Adjusting the settings appropriately should you need to make a change is as easy as pressing a button and the readings are measured in one percent increments, guaranteeing precise results.

The hygrometer measures relative room humidity to the nearest 2-3%, offering up-to-date and accurate readings of the levels in your room throughout the day. You can set it to create levels as low as 35% and as high as 85%, suitable for use in a variety of environments and moisture levels.

The temperature range of 41 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit is in line with similar 70-pint models.

All of your settings are stored with an auto-restart function that preserves your adjustments during power cuts – never again will you have to mess around to find the perfect set-up for you, only to lose it and face starting over again!


A simple, clean, white shell exterior fits in nicely with any environment, no matter the theme of your decor.  At 23.25 inches tall and 15.5 inches wide, the Keystone is a petite but powerful unit that can fit pretty comfortably anywhere, so you don’t need to worry about where you’re going to put it.

Whilst regular dehumidifying is performed effectively and without difficulty, drainage is where the Keystone might just fall short. It is required that you attach an adapter in order to make this unit suitable for gravity drainage, which is not included, though confusingly, the screws and screwdrivers required to install it are.

Likewise, as you might expect from the price, there is not a built-in pump included with the Keystone. Should you desire to drain the excess water outside the unit, into a container positioned above the dehumidifier, you will need to purchase a condensate pump separately.

These can be pretty pricy to pick up, so it might be worth choosing a model that has one included with the retail price if outside drainage is a necessity.


With this unit, maintenance and cleaning are incredibly easy; simply lift the dust filter out from the top of the unit – there are no tricky covers to maneuver – empty, and replace. It takes seconds! There is even a “clean filter” digital display to let you know when it’s time to take it out again, preventing any opportunity for clogs and disruption.

Overall rating

Despite a couple of potential flaws that come as a result of a considerably lower price tag, we believe that the Keystone is a good all-around humidifier suitable for pretty much any home.

When considering the saving you’ll make by opting for this model over its more expensive counterparts, it is much easier to ignore the fact that any user modifications such as external drainage require the purchasing of extra parts.

Performing at industry standards, with an easy-to-use LED interface, simple controls and a variety of settings, you’ll find that you can set it up and let it run without too much interference. The various gauges allow you to keep track of how full it is or how fast it is running without opening up and checking manually.

Auto shut off functionality is great if you need to leave the unit running whilst you’re out and about. With two power settings and easily-adjusted measurements, maximising your energy-efficiency is as easy as small alterations to the temperature and fan.

Small but powerful, the Keystone is easily capable of clearing heavy humidity and making your environment more comfortable, and in some cases, inhabitable!

Helping to thoroughly reduce the risk of mould and mildew and running at speeds and temperatures that are basically the same as its competition, this little unit is not to be underestimated and comes highly recommended by the majority of reviewers.