Best water for humidifiers

Humidifiers are essential in every home especially in the arid and winter climates to maintain the moisture level of the body also to eradicate the occurrence of dry skins, dry throats, and lips. However, you have to use the best water for humidifiers to ensure the effectiveness of the humidifier to keep you and your family free from dry skins.

Dry skins can cause a crack skin thereby giving room for bacteria invasion, hence, leads to serious health problems like chronic itching, eczema, swelling and redness of the skin. These health issues cause intense discomfort for their victims, so preventing dry skin and other related diseases is better than cure.

There are ways to prevent or remove dry skins such as: avoiding wearing clothing that can irritate the skins, don’t use much of sponges or scrub brushes, limit your use of soaps and reduce frequent bathing. All this are good, but, is like keeping to rules and, breaking one rule can lead to serious health problems.

So purchasing a humidifier is the perfect choice to maintain comfortable room humidity, thus, maintains healthy body.

Humidifiers are of different types- industrial humidifier- designed for industrial use; Fixed-installation humidifiers-installed into the furnace; Portable humidifiers- suitable for home use though it requires the change of water from time to time. They include: Evaporative, ultrasonic, impeller, steam humidifiers. Evaporative, ultrasonic and impeller humidifiers are referred to by manufacturers as cool mist humidifiers because they do not heat the water.

Humidifiers need water to function just like how human life needs water to survive. However, you can’t use the regular tap water for humidifiers, because tap water contains high concentration of minerals which when inhale can affect the lungs. But, distilled or demineralized water is okay to use.

And brands producing distilled and demineralized water are reviewed to pinpoint the best for humidifier.

Summary of reviews

Product name Type of waterContainerWeightProduct link
Aquapap Vapor Distilled WaterDistilled waterBottle24 X 12-ouncs
Deer Park Distilled Water Distilled waterJug54 pounds
Distilled Water, Misty MountainDistilled WaterJugNot provided
Scented Demineralized Water Demineralization waterJug128 ounces
Ecoxall - Deionized WaterDemineralizationJug8.4 pounds

Review of best water for humidifiers

Humidifiers have different reactions to water. For instance, evaporative and steam humidifiers disperse little or nothing of the pollutants into the air compared to ultrasonic and impeller humidifiers that have no limit to the dispersion of pollutants into the air.

Therefore ultrasonic and impeller humidifiers need special care and caution as to which water is used with them, it also applies to both evaporative and steam humidifiers-just to be on the safer side.

Why is regular tap water not the best for humidifiers?

Tap water contains minerals such as calcium and lead, which, the humidifier disperses in form of white dust. It also promotes the growth of bacteria in humidifier.

Ultrasonic and impeller humidifiers are very efficient in dispersing these minerals, appearing as white dusts on the furniture and inhaling it can pose a serious trouble for your lungs.

However, some brands of humidifiers provide the use of demineralization cartridges or filters to aid the removal of these minerals from the water, but there is no 100% assurance they will remove the minerals.

Distilled water for humidifier

To overcome the issues associated with tap water obtaining distilled water or distilling your water is your most viable option. Distilled water contains less mineral content so obtaining distilled water for your humidifier makes it less likely for your humidifier to disperse white dust into the air.

What is Distilled water?

Distilled water is water gotten by the conversion of boiled water into vapor water; the vapor water is then converted to water by cooling. There is at least 99% guarantee of removal of contaminants through distillation. However, it may retain some low minerals, but is extensively better than using water.

If you would be distilling your water at home, it is advisable to repeat the process at least two times to ensure purer water or better still purchase distilled water easily from Amazon.

Distilled water product reviews

Aquapap Vapor Distilled Water Case of 24 x 12 oz bottles


This Aquapap Vapor distilled water comes with a hydrophobic bacteria filter to fend off bacterial infection in humidifiers and CPAP machines and it is also mineral free. Place the filter between humidifier chamber and face masking tubing.

It is packed in 24 bottles per case which makes it easy to use and handy to fit well into your traveling bag for a trip without adding any extra weight. This product is also available in 7 bottles per case though at different price.

Among other features that make it amazing include:

  • Case of 24 X 12- ounces bottles
  • Provides clean water and safety for your humidifier also for drinking


  • Fight off bacteria effectively
  • Free of mineral
  • Handy
  • Easy to use

  • Pricey

Deer Park Distilled Water NES 100585


Deer distilled water is the perfect choice for your humidifiers. It is soft, mineral and trace elements free. Deer distilled water ensures contaminants free water with a 13-step distillation process. It does not cause any mineral build up in humidifiers. And it is also okay to hydrate lead-acid battery.

Features that make it customer’s choice include:

  • Excellent for hydrating
  • It is pure and refreshing
  • Comes with 6 gallons

For quick purchase Check on Amazon



  • Trace elements free
  • Mineral free
  • Free of contaminants

  • N/A

Distilled Water, Misty Mountain, 1 gallon, Plastic Jug (3 Jugs)


Misty Mountain distilled water is free of trace elements and was subjected to a rigorous distillation process to ensure pure, refreshing water as well as mineral free water. So you can use the distilled water with your humidifier without fear of white dust. And it is economical yet ensures quality.

Other features that make it unique include:

  • Product is 3 gallons
  • free of trace elements


  • Free of trace elements
  • Free of minerals
  • Economical

  • N/A

Demineralized water

Demineralization is a process in which the cation and anion is exchanged for hydroxide (OH) and hydrogen (H) forming H2O (water). This process is effective for the removal of mineral impurities and salts but not effective in the removal of biological impurities like bacteria. This process can is repeated twice to ensure purer water. However, it is not ideal to drink demineralized water.

Demineralization water can be further subjected to reserve osmosis where semi-permeable membranes are used to retain the mineral ions and some other impurities and allow the passage of the solvents. This method can be mesh with the distillation method of filtering to achieve purer and cleaner water for the humidifier.

Scented Demineralized Water


Scented Demineralized Water is subjected to deionization to remove the minerals and the salt effectively. Though it is not suitable for drinking, it is great to make your humidifier free of mineral deposits.

Features include:

  • A case of 4 -28 ounces
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Gives lavender fragrance
  • Great for every form of cleaning



  • Ensures removal of minerals and salt
  • Can serve all cleaning purposes

  • Not suitable for drinking

Ecoxall – Deionized Water – 1 Gallon jug


This is another great choice for Demineralized water. Among the specialized chemical processes adopted to manufacture Ecoxall Deionized water is resins ion exchange to ensure the removal of mineral ions to 99% and is then exposed to UV (Ultraviolet) light to kill existing bacteria. So is a perfect choice for your humidifier also for use in the laboratory.

Features include:

  • I gallon jug
  • Has grade II chemical grade
  • ASTM certified


  • ASTM certified
  • Removal of minerals
  • Kills bacteria

  • Not good for drinking


The best between distilled and demineralized water for humidifier

Distilled water is the best for humidifier water, because, distillation ensures the complete removal of contaminants though retains little minerals with high melting and boiling point.

While, the Demineralized water clears all the mineral impurities but, retains the contaminants, therefore, it can’t fight off the bacteria but can fight off the minerals impurities effectively. Distilled water can fight off the bacteria as well as the minerals.

So distilled water is the best for humidifiers. However, demineralized water can be used in stead of distilled water.


Evaporative and steam humidifiers disperse fewer contaminants compared to impeller or ultrasonic has no restriction to the dispersion of contaminants.

And it is still not advisable to use tap water for evaporative or steam humidifiers, not to mention, impeller or ultrasonic humidifiers.

You can make use of distilled water or demineralized water for your humidifier, though, distilled water is preferable. Moreover, distilled water is more economical compared to Demineralization water. So choose your best water for humidifiers, either distilled or demineralization, from the products review list to fend off dry skin and white dust.