Best Vicks Humidifiers 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Want to humidify your room?

Balance is the key which you need to hold firmly.

Too little humidity and you could end up with dry skin, nosebleeds, and congestion. Too much of it, meanwhile, creates a moist warm environment which is an open invitation for mold, fungus, and dust mites to grow.

Enter the best Vicks humidifier.

Following the advice of doctors – these humidifiers keep the humidity level in your room between 30% and 40%. Such humidity levels stop your bloody noses without creating a feeding ground for mites. So you can be sure with the best Vicks humidifier that you could be safe from both.

Best Vicks Humidifier 2020 – Comparison Table

 WeightTank CapacityRuntime (max)Auto shutoff 
Vicks Filter-free, Ultrasonic4 pounds1.2 gallons30 hoursNo
Vicks Warm Mist4.3 pounds1 gallon12 hoursYes
Vicks Germ-Free1 pound1 gallon per tank24 hoursYes
Vicks Starry Night6.6 pounds1 gallon24 hoursNo
Vicks Mini Filter Free2.95 pounds0.5 gallons20 hoursYes
Vicks Sweet Dreams5.5 pounds1 gallon24 hoursYes
Vicks Nursery1.9 pounds1 gallonN/AYes
Vicks Incorporated V39005.72 pounds1 gallon24 hoursNo
Vicks V5100NS1 pound1.2 gallons20 hoursNo
Filtered Cool Moisture
6.8 pounds
0.8 gallons20 hoursNo

Vicks Filter-free, Ultrasonic – Best Cool Mist Humidifier

The Vicks Filter-Free humidifier has an extra-large tank which not only reduces your trips to the sink for a refill but also provides constant mist production over a passage of time. Add to this its 3-year warranty, and the Vicks Filter-free is a must-have.


Amid the white top and white base of this bulbous device lies a light-blue transparent tank which can hold 1.2 gallons of water. Such water capacity allows this humidifier to provide a 30 hour run time for a medium-sized room in one refill.


Also, in contrast to other humidifiers, the Vicks Filter-free won’t disturb you with its noise. Instead, thanks to its ultra-quiet ceramic plates, you could sleep beside this humidifier even when it is turned on.

If you want your humidifier to have bells and whistles, the Vicks filter-free won’t disappoint. It has variable humidity controls which allow you to set the humidity by adjusting the dial. You can also turn the mist outlet to your preferred direction.

More importantly, you don’t have to spend money on filter replacement costs with this humidifier. Instead, it requires you to buy a Protect demineralization filter which will remain with the humidifier for life.

First, the Protec demineralization cartridge would remove the minerals from water, hence keeping its mist human-friendly. Second, with no minerals in water, you won’t face the white mineral dust problem so common with ultrasonic humidifiers.

User Critique
Sometimes, even the best products leave something to be desired. Take the Vicks Filter Free, for instance. While it has everything else which the doctor ordered, the absence of auto shutoff feature is a glaring shortcoming.


  • Variable humidity controls
  •  Up to 30-hour runtime
  • No filter to replace
  • Auto shut-off

  •  One-time extra cost of Protec demineralization filter

Final Verdict
With no filter replacement costs, a large tank capacity and an ultra-quiet operation, the Vicks Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier is one of the best in the market.

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier – Best for Small Rooms

Just like the previous Vicks Ultrasonic humidifier, the Vicks Warm Mist is also filter-free. The similarities, however, stop right there, with this particular humidifier serving a different set of consumers with its feature-set.


The one problem which most humidifiers pose – and which you won’t encounter with the Vicks – is the growth of bacteria. Other humidifiers flood your room air with moisture, hence making it a fertile ground for bacteria. Vicks, on the other hand, emits a heated vapor which kills bacteria, spores, and molds, and also their breeding grounds.

Provided you could afford, we recommend purchasing the Kaz Inhalant or Vicks Vapostream separately from the humidifier. When added to the humidifier, both these substances provide relief against a cough, cold, flu, and allows easier breathing.

While adding water to the humidifier, you need to be careful. For, while it has no filter, the Vicks Warm Mist also has no demineralization cartridge. So if you use anything other than distilled water, there is a chance of build-up of minerals inside this humidifier.

Its tank, meanwhile, has a capacity of up to 1 gallon. When turned into operating time, this tank would outlast 12 hours of operation. It means you might have to refill it more than once a day if you are going to use it extensively.

Just like other Vicks humidifiers, the Warm-Mist humidifier is safe to use. It has an auto shutoff feature which comes into action in two instances. First, it would turn off the humidifier when it is about to run out of the water, hence preventing overheating.

Second, it achieves the desired humidity level– whose level you can adjust with a dial – the auto shutoff feature would again turn off the humidifier. Then there is the adjustable knob which has dual-output settings to let you adjust the humidity level in your room.

User Critique
Users have two concerns about this model. First, they think that for its price, the 12-hour runtime offered by this humidifier is on the lower side. Second, the restriction of distilled water hasn’t made them happy either.


  • Adjustable humidity
  •  The tank has a handle for easy carrying
  •  3-year warranty
  • Transparent tank

  • Requires distilled water
  •  Relatively low runtime

Final Verdict
If you could afford using distilled water in your humidifier – and won’t use it 24 hours a day – the Vicks Warm-Mist humidifier deserves your attention.

Vicks Germ-Free Warm Mist – Best for Large Rooms


Want to stop your bloody nose without inaugurating a feeding ground for mold? In that case, you need the Vicks Germ-Free Humidifier. It not only prevents the buildup of bacteria inside its tank but also prevents them from being vaporized into the surroundings.


Starting from the best this humidifier has to offer, and its ultrasonic technology deserves a mention. It has a beam of UV light to prevent and destroy bacteria, microorganisms, and molds from the water in its tank. As a result, with no germs, the mist going out of the air is safe for the whole household.

The second best feature of this humidifier is its capacity. Of all the Vicks humidifiers we have reviewed thus far, the Germ-free’s 2-gallon capacity is the biggest. Translate it into running time, and you won’t have to refill this giant even after 24 hours of constant use.

In case you are wondering, such huge capacity doesn’t mean that this humidifier is abnormally large. For, despite its water capacity, Vicks has managed to keep this humidifier compact by providing it with dual tanks. Both these tanks have separate handles with which you can handle (or eject) them with ease.

What’s more, despite the fact that it would heat water before releasing it, this humidifier won’t have hotspots. That is because its boiling chamber is located and sealed inside the main body. That means that you could easily use it even when children are around.

Finally, you don’t have to settle for the built-in humidity levels with this humidifier. Instead, it offers a power switch which has two humidity levels. Use the high humidity level for larger rooms or maximum humidity whereas the lower one would keep moisture at a comfortable level.

User Critique
For all the good features that this device has – and it has lots of them – the fact that its humidistat doesn’t provide the actual humidity level in the room might be a potential deal breaker.


  • Adjustable humidity control
  • Auto-shutoff
  •  24 hour on one refill
  • Dual-tanks have separate handles

  • Doesn’t measure humidity in the room

Final Verdict
It isn’t easy finding a humidifier which can cover large spaces with its humidity. The Vicks Germ-free Warm Mist humidifier does exactly that, and its 24 hour refill time is also exemplary. Go for it if you need a humidifier for a large room.

Vicks Starry Night Cool Moisture – Best for Medium Rooms

A humidifier which doubles down as a nightlight, the Vicks Starry Night does both its functions with aplomb. And despite its double functionality, this humidifier won’t cost you to break the bank either.


Starting with its design, and Vicks claims that the below-average 1-gallon tank capacity of this humidifier allows it to run an impressive 25 hours between refills. During our testing, we got more than 20 hours, which means the manufacturer’s claim wasn’t way off the mark.

One area where we think this humidifier could have done a bit better is with its noise. No doubt it is very quiet when operated at its lowest setting. However, turn up its humidity – and there is a dial for it – and it would produce a fan like noise. Not good enough!

Moving on, what we liked the most about this humidifier was the fact that it doesn’t impose its lights on its users. That is if you don’t like them – or you sleep in total darkness – you could turn off the lights of this humidifier.

More importantly, the fact that this filter has gone for an antimicrobial filter defies its meager price tag. For, in addition to preventing bacteria and molds at bay, the antimicrobial filter also keeps the mist clean. That, and its ability to prevent the formation of white powder makes the filter a godsend.

Finishing on a low note, the Starry Nights Humidifier lacks the auto-shutoff feature, which is almost a given in humidifiers these days. It means you’d have to constantly check the remaining water level and turn off the heater manually when its tank runs dry.

User Critique
The absence of an auto-shutoff feature as well as the high-noise level on high humidity settings are two major shortcomings of this model.


  • Anti-microbial filter
  • 2 output settings
  • Considerable warranty
  •  Self-regulating

  • No auto-shutoff feature
  •  Considerable noise on high-humidity setting

Final Verdict
Provided you are looking for a humidifier for your living room – in which case you might not have any problem with its noise – the Vicks Starry Night Cool Moisture is worth a shot. That said, I’d turn off its lights if I were you.

Vicks Mini Filter Free – Best for Kids Room

Apart from having a crisp, elegant white base, the Vicks Mini has a top capable of blending it with any décor. Then there’s the tilted teardrop which gives the Mini a unique look. That said, as its features would suggest, the Mini is much more than just good looks.


If there’s one thing you won’t have to worry about with the Vicks Mini, that’s its placement. That is, because, it has a feather-light weight of 2.95lbs and measures only 8.3’’ in diameter. So you won’t have to make extra space in your home to accommodate it.

In stark contrast to the humidifier’s compact size, its ½ gallon of water capacity is considerable. Keep the adjustable mist at its lowest setting and the Vicks Mini would outlast 20 hours of run time in one refill, hugely impressive for the water capacity this humidifier is offering.

When it’s time to refill, you don’t need to pick up and take the entire humidifier to the sink. For it has a tank which is removable, which means you can detach it from the whole unit.

What’s more, you don’t have to keep a watchful eye on the transparent tank to repeatedly check its remaining water level. Instead, it has an auto-shutoff feature which would turn off the humidifier when the water level is on the lower side.

Equally impressive is the ease with which you can maintain this humidifier. To clean it, just remove the tank and turn it upside down to remove any remnants of water. Afterward, instead of water, take 2 cups of distilled white vinegar and add them to the tank.

Allow the vinegar to do its job for 20 minutes and then dump it and rinse the whole tank with water. This 1-hour job would prepare the Vicks Mini for another week.

User Critique
Just as the case was with the Vicks Ultrasonic, the absence of a filter means you’d have to spend a one-time cost on the Protect demineralization filter. Either that, or you’d have to use distilled water repeatedly.


  • Lightweight and compact
  •  Water tank is removable
  •  Adjustable mist control
  • Requires no filter

  • One-time extra cost of Protec demineralization filter

Final Verdict
With its ultra-quiet operation, an impressive runtime on one refill, and the adjustable humidity controls – not to mention its soft glow nightlight – the Vicks Mini is a must-have for your children’s room.

Vicks Sweet Dreams – Best for Nursery

For those of you who liked the Vicks Starry Night but were put away with its shortcomings, the Vicks Sweet dreams is worth a shot. It’s available in the same price range but has a unique feature set to enamor your kids.


In designing this humidifier, Vicks has foregone the warm mist in favor of its cold counterpart, and the results couldn’t be better. Not only does the cold mist relieve a cough, but the absence of a heating element removes any possibility of overheating of the device.

Making sure your kids fall in love with the Sweat Dreams are the themes which it provides. It has a projector feature which displays nine dream inspired images on the room’s roof. These themes range from safari to under seat and jungle settings.

Reducing the running cost of the humidifier is the absence of the filter. Yes, that’s right, since it doesn’t have any filter, you don’t have to spend recurring costs on its replacement. We still recommend installing the Protect demineralization filter to ensure that the mist is clean.

Justifying the Sweet Dreams’ tag to be the best for the nursery is its ultra-quiet operation. It produces a light buzzing sound even when operated at the highest humidity setting. Then there’s the auto shutoff feature which turns the humidifier when it’s empty.

Finally, if your kid is suffering from cold, cough or flu problems, the Vicks Sweat Dreams has space for 2 Vicks Vapo Pads. These pads release essentials oils plus methanol to soothe and comfort the ailing.

User Critique
Users state that occasionally this humidifier produces a bubbling/dripping sound. Though they also state that the problem isn’t recurring.


  • No filter replacement needed
  • 9 theme images
  • Allows use of Vicks Pads
  • Auto shutoff

  • Produces an occasional bubbling sound

Final Verdict
People normally want their kid’s humidifier to be quiet, safe to use, and inexpensive. The Vicks Sweet Dreams ticks all these boxes, hence making it a perfect choice.

Vicks Nursery – Best Vicks Humidifier for Babies

The Vicks Nursery differs from all its counterparts mentioned in this review. While the others use humidification to add moisture to your room, the Nursery uses vaporization for the same purpose. Fortunately, though, this unique mechanism hasn’t had any bearing on its performance.


Going for the Vicks Nursery Vaporizer would provide several benefits to its users. The first of those is its twist and lift cup mechanism, which makes cleaning this vaporizer a cinch. All you need to do is to twist and lift its cup, pour some vinegar, wait for 20 minutes before rinsing the Vaporizer with water, and it would be up and running again.

Since it uses hot steam for vaporizing the surrounding air, there is always a risk of burn injury with the Nursery. Still, it has reduced it has reduced its likelihood by providing a steam guard. The guard covers the heating element so that your hands cannot touch it.

That said, warm mist has its benefits, none more so than fighting bacteria and molds. While cost mist – if left unregulated – acts as a breeding ground of bacteria, there’s no such danger with warm mist. In fact, it kills the already existing bacteria and germs in the air with its high temperature.

One feature which the Nursery has borrowed from humidifiers is that of an automatic shutoff. When viewed together with the Steam guard design, the automatic shutoff gives the Nursery an extra layer of security.

For, while the former would prevent your hands from coming touching the heating element, the automatic shutoff would turn off the heater when it gets overheated. And if you’re still worried that this vaporizer won’t perform, its three-year warranty should soothe your nerves.

User Critique
For all the safety features that warm mist humidifiers have – and the Vicks Nursery has got plenty of them – there’s always a risk of potential burn injury due to their central heating element.


  • Extra safety features
  • Three-year warranty
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Compact and lightweight

  • Risk of burn injury due to warm mist

Final Verdict
No doubt it poses the risk of burn injury – but so do all the other warm mist humidifiers. But the Vicks Nursery has got safety features such as Automatic shutoff and steam guard to decrease the likelihood of injury. Go for it if your child doesn’t want to steamroll everything in their room.

Vicks Incorporated V3900 – Best Evaporative Humidifier

Not satisfied with the performance of your previous humidifier? Want a new one which provides brilliant scent as well? You’re in dreamland with the Vicks Incorporated V3900.


It is of little doubt to us that the best feature of this humidifier is the beautiful scent that it provides. This scent, in turn, doesn’t come from within the humidifier due to some complex mechanism. Instead, it comes when you install Vicks Vapo Pads into the humidifier.


Once you’ve installed those pads – which are NOT included in the package but are reusable – you could choose between rosemary and lavender scent.

Another area where the V3900 differs from other Vicks humidifier is its humidification mechanism. While all others either produce warm or cold heat, the V3900 produces an evaporative one. All these mechanisms have their unique characteristics, with the main selling point of V3900 being its self-regulation.

That is, these humidifiers won’t add unnecessary mist droplets to your air. Instead, judging by their remaining water level, they auto-calculate their relative humidity to keep the outer atmosphere comfortable.

Moving ahead towards less technical features, and the V3900 has a runtime of 24 hours when running at its lowest setting. It isn’t filter-free, and its filter requires monthly replacement. Also, having a 24-hour runtime means it won’t need refilling for 2-3 days.

User Critique
Unfortunately, this humidifier doesn’t have an auto-shutoff feature


  • Self-regulating
  • Evaporative mist
  • 24-hour runtime on one refill

  • No auto shut-off

Final Verdict
To be honest, the absence of an auto-shutoff feature isn’t much of a problem with evaporative heaters. That is because overheating isn’t a problem with them since they don’t produce warm mist. So, even though the Vicks V3900 lacks it, we don’t think it should be a potential deal-breaker.

Vicks V5100NS – Best Runtime

Almost all humidifiers which you find on the market have exaggerated runtimes mentioned on their package. Only a small minority fulfills what it claims. Luckily, the Vicks V5100NS falls in the latter category of humidifiers with its excellent runtime.


What’s so special about the Vicks 5100NS? For starters, its ultra-quiet operation. Unlike other humidifiers which remain silent only at low settings – before resembling a fan when you turn up their humidity – the 5100NS would remain quiet on both levels.

Second, while the runtime of this humidifier is obviously special, it’s its gallon capacity which deserves our applause. Had it not for the tank to hold 1.2 gallons of water, the 20 hour+ runtime which this humidifier currently boasts would only be a dream.

Safety wise, you couldn’t find any fault with this device. Gone is the warm mist which creates a likelihood of burn injuries. Its place is taken by a superfine, cool mist to eliminate any safety concerns you may have about this model.

Finally, one thing which we didn’t like about this model was the pains you had to undergo to clean it. Even though its container lies flat for easy filling, you still couldn’t reach easily into it. It means you’d have to spend some time in purifying the V5100NS of impurities.

User Critique
As suggested above, the difficulty which you have to pass through to clean this device is an obvious target of users’ anger.


  • Huge runtime
  • Variable humidity control
  • Ultra-quiet; could sleep with this humidifier doing its thing
  • Considerable tank capacity

  • Difficult to clean

Final Verdict
Huge Runtime? Check. Ultra-quiet operation? Check. Full control over the humidity levels of your room? Again Check. What else you need to know about this model?

Vicks Filtered Cool Moisture – Best for Extra-small rooms


This Vicks air humidifier features a break-resistant 0.8-gallon tank, hence the reason why you could use it in your children’s room with full confidence. Unless done on purpose, it would withstand any fall.


Also, since it has a self-regulating system, it won’t flood your air with moisture. It has built-in gauges which measure the remaining water level in its tank. Afterward, they compare it with the relative humidity of the surrounding atmosphere to adjust the humidifier’s output.

Instead of using a heating element to produce mist, the Vicks Air humidifier relies on a wicking filter. After removing the impurities, the filter relies on a fan to disperse mist droplets in the surroundings.

Some people think that because it relies on a moving fan means the noise of this Vicks room humidifier would be huge. However, as we found out during our testing, the claim cannot be farther from the truth.

For, even when we operated it at its highest humidity setting – there are two: low and high – it produces a light buzzing sound. So, while it might not let a fussy baby go to sleep, the buzzing sound also won’t wake them up from slumber, either.


User Critique
Apart from the absence of an auto-shutoff feature, users don’t have any major complaints about this model.


  • Self-regulating
  • Easy to maintain
  • Good runtime for 0.8-gallon capacity

  • No Auto shutoff

Final Verdict
While the Vicks Filtered Cool Moisture Humidifier isn’t the best in business, it certainly isn’t far from the top either. Bar that of the automatic shutoff, it has everything which defines high-end humidifiers.

How to Clean Vicks Humidifier?

Turning off your humidifier with water still in it is the same as ignoring the rainwater in your bedroom; both are feeding grounds for bacteria. So, after you buy a humidifier, the first thing you need to know is to how to clean it.

Daily Cleaning (Optional) Weekly Cleaning (Compulsory)Disinfecting (After each cleaning)
Daily cleaning is optional because not many people have the time or energy for it. That, however, doesn’t mean that everybody should ignore it. In fact, if you have the time, cleaning your humidifier daily will increase its lifespan.

To clean your Vicks humidifier, turn it off and allow it to cool down. Empty its water tank and rinse it afterward with hot water. Take a clean cloth, and wipe the water tank, tray, heater, medicine chamber or any other parts you can access.

Remember, once you have cleaned it, you need to make sure that there is no water droplet behind. Otherwise, it could provide the bacteria with that tiny bit of breathing space which they need to thrive.

Just like we did with daily cleaning, turn off your humidifier and let it cool down. Then, using its user manual, disassemble the humidifier. Make a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar. Soak the water tray in the solution before wiping it dry with a gentle, clean cloth.

Next, soak the heating chamber with white vinegar, and leave it alone for approximately 15 minutes. Afterward, dampen a clean cloth with vinegar, and use it to rub off deposits and limescale from the heating chamber. Finally, rinse the heating chamber with vinegar but do not submerge it.

Finally, you may note that no cleaner or soap should be used to clean the parts. You should only use white vinegar. That said, at the end of cleaning, you can leave the cooling chamber, water tray, and medicine cup in the dishwasher

Regardless of whether you clean your humidifier daily or on a monthly basis, it should always be followed by its disinfection. That is extra crucial if you have used the humidifier in a room where someone had cold or flu.

For disinfecting, take a water reservoir and prepare a solution of bleach and water. You should pour 1 teaspoon of bleach in 1 gallon of water. Next, dampen a clean cloth with this solution and use it to wipe the water tray, then rinse the same with water. Next, wipe the exterior of the humidifier’s base with a bleach solution.

Finally, fill the water tank of the humidifier with the bleach solution. Let it remain there for 20 minutes while gently shaking the closed tank. Once the time is over, empty the tank of the solution, and rinse it with water. Keep on rinsing until the smell of bleach is gone, after which you should wipe the water tank dry.


How to Use Vicks Humidifiers?
Once you have bought the humidifier, the next step involves using it. By using, it isn’t meant that you simply fill the water tank of the humidifier and plug it in. Instead, if you want to alleviate the symptoms of allergies, asthma, and the common cold, you need to know how to use the Vicks humidifier correctly.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
Switch off the humidifier and unplug it from the source. Next, follow the following guide to clean and disinfect it.

Every humidifier has an appropriate cavity for its filter or demineralization cartridge. If you don’t know where it is, consult your humidifier’s user manual. Some Vicks humidifiers such as the V400 require you to insert the filter from above.

Others such as the V5100NS require placing it from underneath the water tank. Still, there are others – such as the V745A – which are Vicks filter free humidifiers.

Unscrew the water container, and lift it out of the humidifier. Afterward, empty it by turning the container upside down and unscrewing its cap. Next, fill the container up to its fill line with the tap water.

However, if your area contains hard water, using distilled water for this purpose is recommended. It won’t allow the minerals to build inside the humidifier. Also, water containing minerals leave a fine white powder behind when dispersed in the form of mist. So, with distilled water, you won’t have this nuisance as well.

Once you have filled it with water, cover the container with its cap before inserting it into the humidifier. Switch the humidifier on after plugging it in. There are some humidifiers which come with a humidistat.

Others come with a timer which allows you to decide for how much time you want to keep them running. Either way, make your selection and turn the humidifier on.

Depending on your use, you should check your humidifier’s water level twice daily. There are some Vicks humidifiers which have a 20 hour run time. Others, less so.

Also, the best Vicks humidifiers come with an auto-shutoff feature. It turns off the humidifier as soon as the water in the container reaches a certain limit. If your humidifier has this feature, you need not be as vigilant in checking as non-auto-shutoff humidifier users.

Vicks Humidifier Vs Vicks Vaporizers

As suggested by their name, Vicks humidifiers are used to humidify or add moisture to their surrounding air. Their main purpose is to combat and alleviate allergy, asthma, and cold symptoms. Vicks Vaporizers, surprisingly, does the same. However, that doesn’t mean that you could use one of them for the other.

Feeling lost? Let’s differentiate both.

OperationUsageCost and NoiseWater Type and Side Effects

The purpose of a humidifier is to increase its surrounding area’s moisture content. It does the same by first gathering water in a tank, and then, either using ultrasonic waves or using an electric fan to blow air across it to create mist droplets.

Vaporizers, on the contrary, neither rely on ultrasonic waves nor on an electric fan to create mist. Instead, they rely on a central heating element. This heating element heats water, turns it into steam, before dispersing it into the air.

While you can use them at any time of the year, doctors recommend using humidifiers in the winter months. That is, because, the problems they alleviate – asthma, cold, flu – are the problems of winter months.

Vaporizers are also used during winter months but for different reasons. Instead of merely humidifying the air, they remove any bacteria or molds from it by adding heat. That is why, while you should use distilled water in your humidifier, a vaporizer can rely on tap water.

When it comes to cost, a vaporizer is less expensive than its humidifying counterpart. That is, because, it relies on tap water and doesn’t have any additional equipment i.e. electric fan inside it to increase its price tag.

Just as they were on the cost front, the vaporizers are also less noisy. Once again, that is due to the absence of an electric fan. However, if you are using an ultrasonic humidifier, its noise level would be much less than that of a vaporizer.

Starting with the former, you could use any water type – provided it isn’t hard water, of course – with a vaporizer. That is, because, even if the water contains bacteria, a vaporizer would heat it away so as the mist droplets would be free of them. Humidifiers, however, require either clean tap water or distilled water.

Burn is one of the biggest side effects of a vaporizer. Since it contains a heating element, the whole outer surface of cheap vaporizer heats up. Touching it might cause burn injury. Humidifiers do not have any such shenanigans.


It wasn’t easy finding the best Vicks humidifiers. Not only do we had to take everybody’s demands in stride, but we also had to make sure they aren’t extra expensive. Then there was another dilemma: warm mist or cold or evaporative? To solve this, we included humidifiers from each category to let you decide.

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