Best humidifiers for singers

Good singers know the importance of acquiring the best humidifiers for singers because a dry, parched throat or a cough as a result of the dry weather will not do the vocal any good. And it is essential for the vocal to be in good shape so for your audience to enjoy you.

Low humidity can affect your vocal because your body will use your saliva in trying to adjust to the dry weather leaving your throat and vocal dry, and what can you do with a dry throat and dry vocal cords? So without any iota of doubt you need the best humidifier for singers and selecting your favorite can be challenging due to numbers of humidifiers in the market, but, you can select from the best humidifiers for singers reviews below on this article.

Summary of reviews

Product name Unique forWeight (pounds)Tank capacity (Liters) Product link
Pure Enrichment Mist Aire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier - Premium Humidifying Unit Studio room2.271.5
Humidifiers USB Powered Whisper Quiet Ultrasonic Water Bottle Humidifier Travel Air Humidifier Mini Vaporizer Traveling6.7 (ounces280 ml
VicTsing Single House Humidifiers with Smart Humidity Monitor & Timer, 3L Ultrasonic Cool Home3.973
Skuttle 190-SH1 Drum Humidifier Whole house humidifier9.764
Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier, Vicks Humidifier for Bedrooms, Baby, Kids Rooms, 1 Gallon, Auto Shut-Off, Filter-Free, 24 Hrs of Moisturized AirWarm mist4.253.78

Pinpointing best humidifier for singers

Humidifiers are available in different forms so pinpointing the ones that will fit the purpose for the humidifiers for singers requires some technicalities.

Choosing the humidifier that will fit the status of a singer depends on where you would be using it: House or studio? A humidifier that will conveniently cover your home must be a whole-house humidifier, and a medium sized will be okay for your studio room.

If you are a traveler, consider getting the portable humidifiers to keep you moist throughout the journey. And you may favor warm mist over cool mist to take care of the dry winter depending on your choice.

Best humidifiers for singers’ reviews

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – Premium Humidifying Unit with Whisper-Quiet Operation, Automatic Shut-Off, and Night Light Function


This ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is a perfect choice for a studio room, bed rooms, or other middle sized rooms with the multiple benefits it offers such as convenience, ideal coverage, night light, and safety.

This humidifier offer continuous use for about 16 hours, hence give you rest of mind and easy breath. And the mist direction is adjustable with the high and low-speed settings to adjust the mist direction and speed. Also, ensure sound rest with the night glowing light you may on or off as it suits you.

And this humidifier ensures safety with the automatic shutoff operation it offers when water gets low so that you can rest easy at night. And you will love this humidifier for its medium-sized, not big and not small. And it offers treatment to your cold, dry skin, host throat, static electricity, and nosebleeds. Also easy to clean, and is affordable.

Features that make it amazing include:

  • It weighs 2.27 pounds
  • 5 liter water tank
  • Automatic shut off
  • It offers whisper quiet operation
  • Covers an area of 250 sq ft
  • Night light function
  • 2-year Limited lifetime warranty


  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Can shut off automatically
  • Affordable
  • Offer treatment to dry skin diseases


Portable Cool Mist Personal Humidifiers USB Powered Whisper Quiet Ultrasonic Water Bottle Humidifier Travel Air Humidifier Mini Vaporizer for Sinus Allergy Relief in your Office Home Hotel Car


This cool mist humidifier is suitable for traveler singers that value moisturized air, and it is suitable to be used in hotel, car, large rooms, baby rooms, studio rooms, and it can journey with you, to anywhere life takes you to.

It has excellent functionalities-it can provide cool mist over a substantial area with water tank: 280ml; offer quiet operation; made with USB source for convenience and it provides relaxation and convenient breathing.

You can place this humidifier beside your bed in the room or hotel, on the table in the office and on car seat in the car to moisturize and refresh your skin.

You can easily plug this humidifier into your laptop, car, and power bank with the USB power source for convenience also to ensure moist air all the time. And it is ultra quiet.

Features include:

  • Weighs 6.7 ounces
  • Made for USB ports
  • Quiet operation design


  • Offer quiet operation
  • Offer USB source
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VicTsing Single House Humidifiers with Smart Humidity Monitor & Timer, 3L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, Reduce Noise Design & LCD Screen, 360 Adjustable Mist, Sleep Quieter for Baby


This humidifier comprises of everything a singer needs to give his/her best.

The LCD screen of this humidifier gives the current level of the humidity, mist output level, and water shortage level, which makes you have the total control of the humidifier.

You can even control the internal humidity of your home from the comfort, dry and wet indications it provides.

It has 3Liter water tank capacity with 10 hours of continuous use as well as healthier, cleaner and purified air humidification suitable for small rooms and large rooms. You can change the time settings from 1h, 2h, and 4h to 8h depending on how long you want it to serve you.

You can direct the mist to 360 degrees without touching the humidifier. This humidifier has a mist output of 0-380 ml. And it offers a pleasant blue night light that can be turned on/ off.

It ensures no uncertain sound interference with your sonorous voice when signing, with the noise level <30dB also no disturbance when studying or sleeping. Most importantly, it is a threat to dry nose, dry throat, itchy skin and scratchy noses.

Other features that make it customer choice include:

  • Double 45 degrees twisted nozzles
  • Offer dial knob control
  • It ensures secure grip because of the wider and sturdy handle
  • Anti-leakage design
  • Water tank capacity of 3L
  • 97 pounds
  • Easy to use


  • Low noise level
  • You can control internal humidity
  • Mist direction is adjustable
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for large rooms

  • small tank


Skuttle 190-SH1 Drum Humidifier


This humidifier can serve a whole house up to 4200 sq ft which makes it perfect for a singer that wants to have an interrupted moist air from anywhere in the house.

It uses minimal water and electricity which makes it energy efficient. It ensures prevention of rusting, corrosion and warpage with the built-in durable thermoplastic cabinet

The interior components are designed for easy cleaning or replacement. It has output capacity of 7 gallons per hour and 17 gallons (64L) per day at 120o F with electrical specification of 24 VAC, 3 watts and 1 RPM and it comes with a humidistat to check humidity conditions.

Other features include:

  • Offer easy installation with the reversible components and snap-lock fittings.
  • Comes with a mounting template
  • It weighs 9.7 pounds
  • Self-piercing valve
  • Skuttle automatic flushing timer


  • Suitable for whole house
  • Easy installation
  • Prevent rusting, corrosion and warping

  • N/A


Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier, Vicks Humidifier for Bedrooms, Baby, Kids Rooms, 1 Gallon, Auto Shut-Off, Filter-Free, 24 Hrs of Moisturized Air


Vicks warm mist humidifier is the perfect warm mist humidifier for a singer that prefers warm mist humidifier to cool mist humidifier. This warm mist humidifier is suitable for bedrooms, baby nurses, kids’ rooms, bedrooms, and studio room to provide relief from a cough or congestion.

This humidifier can run on high for 12 hours, on low for 24 hours to enjoy 95% free bacteria mist also aid the projection of your voice.

Features include:

  • 1 gallon (3.78L) tank capacity
  • 3-year warranty
  • Quiet operation
  • Soft glowing night light
  • Offer soothing medicated vapor
  • Weigh 4.25 pounds


  • List itemEasy to use
  • Quiet operation
  • Affordable
  • Good for small places

  • High maintenance


Humidifiers are necessary for singers to ease dry vocal cords, as a result, project the voice in a manner soothing to the ears of their audience.

However, choosing from the best humidifier for singers reviews depends on personal preference-you might prefer the portable humidifier, If you travel a lot, the middle-sized humidifiers, okay for your studio room or bedroom, the whole house humidifier-if you need uninterrupted moist air, and you may have prefer warm mist humidifier.

It is worthy of not that these humidifiers are not primarily built for singers, they are however suitable to provide moist air for people at home or in the offices, however, they must be used with distilled water for safety.