Best Dehumidifier with Pump

If you live in a place that is known for the humid climates you are likely to experience the build-up of unwanted moisture, which often results in the development of mold and this can be quite damaging to your possessions.

However, a dehumidifier comes in particularly handy at solving the issues that often come as part of a warm climate. By removing the moisture from the air and pumping it through an alternative outlet, you are provided with a cleaner and more breathable environment, and even better is that those with pumps require very little effort on your behalf. 

We have browsed the market selecting our top five picks of the best dehumidifiers with pumps that are available. Below, you will also find a handy buyer’s guide containing all of our top tips for choosing the best product.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to continue reading, we have selected our top pick for you below.

Summary of reviews

Product name Dehumidification CapacityColor Dimensions (inches)Product link
Homelabs 4,500 sq ft Energy Star Dehumidifier4,500 SQ FT LARGE ROOMwhite16.6 x 11 x 24.3 inches

Tosot 4,500 sq ft dehumidifier with internal pump 2500 Square FeetWhite 15.4 x 11 x 24.3 inches
Amazonbasics Dehumidifier with drain pump4500 SQ FTwhite136.8 x 136.8 x 302.28 inches
Ivation energy star dehumidifier with pumpup to 1500 Sq Ft.white12.9 x 15.96 x 24.25 inches
Black & Decker BDT50PWTB dehumidifier with built-in pumpup to 1500 Sq Ft.white12.2 x 8.2 x 18.9 inches

Homelabs 4,500 sq ft Energy Star Dehumidifier


If you have a large room or garage that requires a dehumidifier then the homelabs 4,500 sq ft energy star dehumidifier could be the perfect choice for you. With a 1.8-gallon water tank and the capacity to remove approximately 50 pints of moisture, this is ideal for rooms measuring up to 4,500 sq ft. 

Designed with convenience in mind, this dehumidifier features a handle and wheels for easy portability should you find yourself needing to move it into different rooms. There isn’t any hassle when it comes to using this dehumidifier as it depends on a relatively simple process.

You can choose the ideal moisture setting, which enables you to maintain the desired amount of humidity inside the room that you are tackling. Impressively this will then run a continuous cycle over 24 hours until the tank is full at which point it will then automatically turn itself off.

Or you can use the drain hose for continuous draining, although it is necessary to note that this hose is not included and requires an additional purchase. Either option reduces the amount of manual work that is needed on your behalf to operate the machine. 

Thanks to the built-in pump, the risk of a build-up in moisture is reduced. Impressively, you can also opt for Turbo mode which increases the speed of the fan from normal air to high air resulting in the maximum removal of moisture.


  • Backed with a 2-year warranty, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, there is help available to rectify any issues.
  • As an energy star certified unit, it uses less power.
  • Thanks to its large capacity and ability to remove large amounts of moisture, it is an ideal choice for larger rooms in particular.
  • The automatic timer feature can be scheduled when you require it to go on and off for reduced dependence on manual effort.
  • Preparing and setting up this machine is a relatively straight forward process.

  • The unit is prone to producing levels of noise which some may find distracting.

Tosot 4,500 sq ft dehumidifier with internal pump


The Tosot dehumidifier can remove up to 50 pints of water and is ideal for removing moisture from several rooms in your home including the basement, bedroom, or bathroom. 

Impressively, the real-time monitoring function enables you to keep track in regards to the progress of the unit. Choose your target humidity level and the control panel will display the level that it is currently on, once it has reached your chosen target it will then shut off automatically.

The indicators also inform you when it is time to empty the dehumidifier, however, if you would prefer a more automatic process that requires less effort, you can attach a hose. Although this isn’t included, you can use a garden hose, and this will drain the water into your chosen outlet when the pump has been turned off.

It is also particularly quiet when it is in use creating a minimal 50 decibels of sound output when at its peak.

Designed with an internal pump, this function automatically removes the water that it has collected so it isn’t going to pause at any point due to the pump being too full. The water will be collected in one of two ways; vertically or sideways and when the water bucket has almost reached its full capacity, the pump will then begin the process of removing it.


  • If you should experience a power outage, when power is restored, the unit will resume on the exact same settings that it was on before stopping.
  • Conveniently you can attach a hose for an automatic process if you don’t fancy emptying the tank when needed.
  • As an energy star rated dehumidifier it is going to use less power when in operation.
  • The digital display indicates the status of the machine.
  • When in use, it generates very little noise output so isn’t likely to be distracting.

  • Unfortunately, the drain house plug is quite difficult to remove.

Amazonbasics Dehumidifier with drain pump


When it comes to removing moisture from larger rooms you are going to require the use of a dehumidifier that has a bigger tank capacity otherwise it isn’t going to be able to hold all of the water that it is likely to collect.

Suitable for rooms measuring up to 4,000 square feet, the unit is going to remove 50 pints of water and moisture. This dehumidifier sports many impressive features. With a removable filter that can be removed and cleaned in between uses, it is likely to last much longer.

The unit also features an auto-restart function; should you experience a power outage at any point, when power is restored, this machine will resume at the same point on the same setting that it stopped on.

Additionally, the smart dehumidification feature works to maintain a humid but comfortable environment. There is also a timer feature, an auto-defrost function, and overflow protection. 

Using a drain pump, you can opt for the continuous draining option, which eliminates the need for you to continuously empty the dehumidifier manually.


  • This dehumidifier is ideal for larger sized rooms measuring up to 4,000 sq ft.
  • Featuring wheels and handles, this dehumidifier can be easily moved to different rooms in your home.
  • The drain pump allows for continuous pumping of the water drainage when the unit is in use.
  • Impressively, the unit generates a minimal level of noise so isn’t likely to cause distractions when it is in use.
  • The tank features a built-in handle for easy removal when it needs to be emptied after reaching its full capacity.

  • The unit is prone to producing a lot of heat which is going to increase the temperatures in the room.

Amazonbasics Dehumidifier with drain pump


The Ivation dehumidifier features a large-capacity compressor and is suitable for use in rooms measuring up to 4,500 sq ft, removing approximately 50 pints of water and moisture throughout the day. 

When it comes to the features and functions, this machine doesn’t disappoint. The extra-long 6ft cord dismisses the need for an extension lead and is going to reach a distance without struggling. Designed with a control panel displaying all of the settings and indicators, you can easily navigate your way through the settings and you can also see the status of your unit more clearly.

Impressively, you can choose between two fan speeds depending on your needs; a regular fan or a turbofan. The 2.25-gallon reservoir tank is easy to empty once it has reached its full capacity and it also features a convenient handle for easy removal.

Featuring an internal pump, the water will be vertically projected and continuously pumped out of a window or into a sink up to a height of 16.4ft, allowing for worry-free use and saving you from having to regularly drain the water manually. Conveniently, the pump is also included which saves you from having to purchase one yourself.


  • The roller casters and handles make this dehumidifier easy to move between different rooms in your house.
  • The safety auto shut off function automatically turns the machine off when the reservoir has reached its full capacity.
  • As the 16″ hose is provided you aren’t required to make an additional purchase.
  • Impressively this unit is easy to assemble resulting in a hassle-free process.
  • This dehumidifier is ideal for large rooms that measure up to 4,500 sq ft.

  • Some may find this dehumidifier a little heavy and difficult to move in between rooms.

Black & Decker BDT50PWTB dehumidifier with built-in pump


Removing up to 50 pints of water daily, this dehumidifier is suitable for rooms measuring 1000 sq ft, whether this is a cellar, RV, boat, garage, basement, or bedroom. 

There are two different speed settings to choose from; the higher setting cleans and dries the air without requiring a lot of effort on your behalf. Impressively each of the functions are clearly visible on the LED display and you will receive a notification when the tank is full.

There will also be a visible light that indicates when the filter needs to be removed and cleaned. Impressively, this machine also features a 24 hour on and off timer and an automatic defrost and restart function.

Featuring a built-in pump and 16.4 ft hose, the unit will continuously drain the water throughout the day and this conveniently takes the hassle out of you having to do this task manually. There is also an adjustable humidistat which ranges from 35-80%.


  • The 16.4ft hose included allows for continuous drainage without the need for a lot of manual effort.
  • Usefully, this product comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty which covers you should you experience any difficulties or dissatisfactions with your purchase.
  • Courtesy of its compact design, this dehumidifier is going to fit in the majority of homes without consuming lots of space.
  • The wheels make it easier to move from room to room if needed.
    Thanks to the LED display, you can clearly see the indicators and status of your machine.

  • The fan produces a slightly loud noise which may be off-putting to some.

Best Dehumidifier with Pump Buying Guide

There are several factors to consider before purchasing your dehumidifier, as some are going to perform better than others. The addition of a pump is very convenient and reduces the amount of manual work that is required on your behalf.

We have listed some criteria that we would recommend you consider below. This will help you choose the best product that is going to reduce the amount of unwanted moisture and mold that is collecting in a room inside your home or a garage.

The Extraction Rate

The performance of your dehumidifier machine is measured in pints. For example, most of the products that we have mentioned above are capable of removing 50 pints of water/moisture from the room daily. 

If you attempt to use a small unit to dehumidify a large room you are likely to find that the machine is going to struggle to remove all the moisture that it needs too. Likewise, if you use a large dehumidifier inside a smaller room it is either going to generate too much heat and make the room too warm or it is going to waste too much energy.

The drainage

The drainage function can differ depending on the machine that you select. Some shut off when the tank inside has reached its full capacity and the LED display informs you when the machine needs to be emptied. However, others will be able to continuously drain the water, which is handy for occasions when you aren’t at home as you do not need to worry about the machine overflowing.

The addition of a hose will drain this water out of a window or into a sink. It is important to note, however, that not all dehumidifiers come with the hose so this requires an additional purchase.

The Height needed for drainage

Opting for a dehumidifier that has a drainage pump and hose attached means that it is important to remember that if this water is going to be pumped into a sink or out of the window, your chosen machine needs to be capable of pumping the water at a height and often an elevated angle.

It is important to ensure that you find the correct machine that suits the setup of the room that it is intended to be used in. For example, if this machine is going to be used inside a basement but the water is going to be pumped outside of a window that is slightly higher the hose needs to be able to reach this height to pump the water out of the window with ease. 

The room that it is going to be used in

It is important to consider the size of the room that your machine is going to be used inside. Some dehumidifiers will be larger than others and better at removing the moisture in larger rooms.

All specifications will state the size of the room in sq ft that the machine is best suited too. Above we have included examples that are suitable for a range of rooms with the measurements ranging from 1000 sq ft to 4,500 sq ft. It is crucial to ensure that you select the best size for the room that it is intended to be used in. 


Many people may require the dehumidifier to be used in different rooms at different times and if this is the case, a dehumidifier with a handle and roller caster wheels is going to make the process of moving the machine much easier.

The auto stop functions

Many machines will automatically turn off at a certain point when the tank reaches its full capacity and requires emptying. Impressively some will also be designed with this feature which is beneficial if you were to experience a power outage.

This is because when the power is then restored, the dehumidifier will then resume to the exact point that it was at before losing power and therefore you do not have to reset the settings manually, as it does this automatically. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a dehumidifier with a pump?

Purchasing a dehumidifier with a pump is super convenient, they save you the work by automatically pumping the moisture out of a window or into a sink through a pipe. Some will be built into the dehumidifier itself. 

Do dehumidifiers with pumps use a lot of energy?

A dehumidifier that has a pump is likely to use slightly more energy than those without. This is because there will be times throughout the day that the pump needs to run to get rid of the water. However, you will find that most are energy star certified which refers to a product that is more energy-efficient.