Best Cordless Dehumidifiers for Bathroom

If there’s any room in the house where you could do with the humidifier it’s the bathroom.  Home of excess moisture.  But more often than not you’ll find that bathrooms do not have electrical sockets, as it’s too dangerous.  Sure you can open a window to let humidity out, but who wants the window open when you’re having a nice hot soak in the bath?

And sure, you could plug a dehumidifier in via the next room and an extension lead, but you don’t want to have to unplug it every time you need to close the bathroom door.

The solution of course, is a cordless dehumidifier.  Such things do exist and they’re readily available online.  And, lucky for you, we’ve been checking out the best cordless dehumidifiers out on the market today and have hand picked our Top 5 to show you now.  

After that we’ve also got a handy buying guide for you which goes through everything you might want to think about to help you decide which one to buy.  Following that, there’s also a brief section where we provide some basic tips on removing moisture from your bathroom.

Before we go into all that though, I do have an important point to make.  Most of the wireless dehumidifiers out on the market today can’t hold enough excess water for a bathroom, so we have also included a few moisture absorbing devices (also known as damp traps) as well.

Summary of reviews

Product name Cooling CapacityColor Dimensions (inches)Product link
UooEA Small Dehumidifier300 to 450 square feetwhite17.9 x 15 x 30.7 inches
Good Worth Mini Renewable Cordless Dehumidifier 250 to 400 Sq. and white18.90 x 15.70 x 31.30 inches
DampRid Fragrance Free Refillable Moisture Absorberup to 500 square feetPlatinum and Black 16 x 19 x 35.5 inches
Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier 2-PACKup to 275 sq ftwhite17.13 x 13 x 29.13 inches
Vacplus Moisture Absorber boxes (6 Pack)up to 400 square feetwhite34 x 18.5 x 18 inches

UooEA Small Dehumidifier


This is a great cordless dehumidifier for the bathroom, because once you’ve charged it (in another room) you can place it in the bathroom and it will absorb up to 5oz of water before it needs recharging again.

It only takes 2 hours to recharge and be ready to work again. The charging base will turn itself off automatically, once the silica gel inside has renewed, so it won’t overheat.

And while the manufacturer says it can absorb moisture for 2 to 3 weeks on a full charge, you can expect it to need recharging well before then if you keep it in a bathroom, due to the sheer levels of moisture there.

You can tell when it needs recharging because the silica gel inside, which you can see at the top of the device turns from bright orange to dark brown.

It can work in rooms of up to 350 cubic feet, so it will work in large bathrooms.

The dehumidifier is very compact, with a less than 3 inch wide diameter, and it’s about the height of a standard water bottle, so finding a place for it in the bathroom shouldn’t be a problem.

And it can absorb moisture from a full 360 degrees around the device, so it will work quicker in the center of the room, and if you leave it in the corner you wouldn’t be taking full advantage of it (but it will still work).

The advantages of this type of dehumidifier over a damp trap are that there’s no leakage, no risk of spilling, and no reverse osmosis puting the moisture back into the air. And once you’ve got all the humidifiers you need for your home, there’s no need for any repeat purchases which you’d have to do if you instead went with damp traps.

It has a nice aesthetic appeal which will look good in any color bathroom (because white goes with everything).

This dehumidifier is available as a bundle on Amazon, so you can buy up to 3 dehumidifiers with one charging base, and save yourself some money.


  • Very stylish look
  • No leakage or spilling
  • No repeat buys needed
  • 360 degree air inlet
  • Quick to recharge

  • Because bathrooms have so much moisture, you may want to have 2 of these running at the same time for best effects

Good Worth Mini Renewable Cordless Dehumidifier


Not only does this dinky little humidifier not require any power cord but it doesn’t need any batteries either. And it’s easily compact enough to fit in even small bathrooms.

It’s made up of two main parts, specifically the charging base and the dehumidifier doughnut. Once charged you can remove the dehumidifier doughnut from its base and use it on it’s own to absorb excess moisture in your bathroom.

It’s super simple to use. Just leave it there until the indicator turns from orange to green, as it does this it will absorb 200ml of moisture, which is about a mug’s worth, which isn’t loads, but it’s a good start.

You don’t get all the noise you’d get with a corded dehumidifier, so you can sing away in the shower to your heart’s content completely uninterrupted.

And when you’re not using it in your bathroom, you can use it to dry out your wet shoes, thanks to its inclusion of a detachable shoe rack, or you can even hang it up in your wardrobe.

In fact, at such a compact size there’s almost no limit to where you can stash it, like in a shed or a picnic bag. It’s also spill proof and leak free, which makes it great for this kind of use.

Unlike traditional damp tramps, this beauty can be used over and over again. This is all thanks to the charging base, which recharges the dehumidifier agent in the doughnut. And this recharging only takes about 2 to 3 hours.

And of course it has a great aesthetic appeal with it’s sleek white stackable doughnut look.


  • Renewing, unlike traditional damp traps
  • Ready to use again after just 2 hours
  • Can be used in small spaces
  • Great aesthetic appeal
  • Dries your shoes

  • Only absorbs 200ml per cycle
  • The dehumidifying agent in the doughnut is not replaceable, so once that goes you’ll have to buy a new dehumidifier

DampRid Fragrance Free Refillable Moisture Absorber


Here’s another great moisture absorber for bathrooms!

If you follow the link you’ll be taken to an Amazon page where you can select up to a pack of four 10.5 ounce damp trap cups. That makes for a lot of excess moisture that can be removed from your bathroom!

It’s super easy to use. Simply open the cup, open the sachet of crystals and pour them in, and just let the crystals do their magic! Any water collected passes through the crystals and filter into the cup below. When this cup starts to feel rather full, you simply empty it out down the sink.

Because they can collect such a large amount of water and moisture, you can let it sit and work for several weeks before it needs to be emptied. The manufacturer says it will last for up to about 2 months, but this will be noticeably less in such a moisture filled area as a bathroom.

And unlike some damp traps you can get, you can buy refills of the sachets for these damp traps as often as you need, without having to buy a whole new damp trap. These refills can be found with good retailers like Amazon. They are very affordable and can be ordered in bulk.

These damp traps help to eliminate odors by absorbing the moisture that helps to create them. There are several scent options to choose from, including: none, fragrance free, fresh scent, and pure linen. (We like the latter.)


  • Refillable!
  • No wires or cords
  • No chargers or batteries
  • Nice scent options to pick from

  • Repeat purchases required (but not too frequently if you buy in bulk)
  • You can’t see how much water has accumulated unless you remove the label, so it’s kind of hard to tell when it needs to be emptied out

Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier 2-PACK


This is a fabulous little gadget from Eva Dry – not only is it cordless but it needs no battery power, and is 100% renewable.

This humidifier is super small and compact and you’ll have no trouble at all finding a home for it on your bathroom shelves or other surfaces.

The renewable silica gel technology inside can absorb between 4 to 6 ounces of moisture in rooms of up to 333 cubic feet in size, which includes larger bathrooms.

Depending on the level of moisture in the room it can be left for weeks before you will need to reset the silica gel by plugging it in in a well ventilated area to restore the gel’s moisture absorbing properties. This automatic reset function means that you don’t have to repeatedly buy refills.

You can tell when it needs a reset when the silica beads which you can see through the front of the device change from orange to green.

The manufacturer claims it can keep on working for up to 10 years, but we would recommend that you check up on it periodically to check if it’s still working at the same level as when you first buy it.

Eva-Dry are so confident in the quality of this product that they offer a warranty that lasts a whopping 5 years.

You might think the price is set quite high for such a small gadget, but you get an excellent lifespan out of it.

The Amazon link should take you to a pack of 2 of these beauties, since we think you’ll need 2 of these at a minimum for a bathroom. Another good reason to buy through Amazon is that they sometimes have deals on this product, and when this article was written they were offering $10 off the recommended retail price.


  • No messy leaks or spills
  • Long product lifespan
  • Completely renewable
  • Very compact design
  • 5 year warranty

  • Premium product at a premium price
  • Such a popular product that retailers can run low on stock

Vacplus Moisture Absorber boxes (6 Pack)


Unlike traditional dehumidifiers, these damp traps not only don’t need electricity in order to work but they don’t need any recharging either.

They’re super easy to use. Simply take off the blue plastic lid and remove the foil. Place the lid back on and the calcium chloride inside gets to work straight away absorbing any excess moisture in the vicinity.

Any water collected is clearly visible through the box in an independent layer underneath the calcium chloride layer. Customers love having this visual indication of just how much water is being absorbed. You’ll be surprised how quickly it gets to work.

And when at work it can collect up to a whopping 500ml of water, which is considerably more than their silica gel counterparts.

Unlike some moisture absorbers, this one doesn’t leave an unpleasant smell around the box, because the chemicals used are completely fragrance free.

There’s also some special paper between the blue plastic lid and the calcium chloride and this is designed to prevent water spillage, which it does very well, but we would recommend not tempting fate, and to keep it upright just in case. This is how it works best anyway.

The Amazon link should take you to a page where you can select a pack of 6 of the original variety for under $20. Or alternatively you can select a pack of 6 which also has activated charcoal included. What this does is help to remove bad odors in the room. It’s a good option to go for if you’ve just moved in somewhere where the bathroom is a little moldy.


  • Large 500ml capacity
  • No electricity needed
  • No charging needed
  • Super easy to use
  • Charcoal option

  • They aren’t reusable


Best Cordless Dehumidifiers for Bathroom Buying Guide

Right, let’s go through everything you might want to think about before you buy.

How much water can it absorb?

This is a tricky one. We’re going to level with you here. As much as you may want a large water tank for your dehumidifier in your bathroom, the cordless and wireless options simply don’t have as large a water tank as their corded counterparts. And as such they aren’t capable of absorbing quite as much water. But there are ways around this.

You could either empty the water out of the dehumidifier very frequently or, seeing as how cordless dehumidifiers and moisture absorbers are so much more affordable than their counterparts, you could buy 2 of them to absorb twice as much excess moisture. This is why in our Top 5 picks we’ve deliberately included a few damp traps in packs of two or more.

How big an area can it cover?

Before buying your cordless dehumidifier, try to have an idea of how many cubic feet of space you’ll want covered, and then buy accordingly. If you have a particularly large bathroom, then you might want to consider our Number 1 Pick, the UooEA Small Dehumidifier, or our Number 4 Pick, the Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier.

Will it fit on my bathroom shelves?

If on the other hand you have a rather small bathroom and you’re more concerned about where you might be able to fit a dehumidifier in your bathroom, you’ll be pleased to hear that most of the dehumidifiers in our Top 5 Picks are quite compact, with most compact of all the options being the Number 4 Pick, the Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier.

How do cordless dehumidifiers work

While electric dehumidifiers work by drawing moist air out from the surrounding area by way of a refrigerated evaporator and fan, this is not possible with non electric dehumidifiers, and so a different tactic is required.

Cordless dehumidifiers and other moisture absorbers use special chemicals to draw moisture out of the atmosphere. Sometimes this water is filtered through and collected such as in our Number 3 Pick, the DampRid Refillable Moisture Absorber, and our Number 5 Pick, the Vacplus Moisture Absorber boxes.

Alternatively, some moisture absorbers use silica gel technology, which can absorb plenty of moisture over time, and can then be reset to be used all over again, over the course of several years. Examples of this include our Number 1 Pick, the UooEA Small Dehumidifier, and our Number 4 Pick, the Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier.

Tips on removing moisture from a bathroom

As we touched upon earlier, cordless dehumidifiers don’t tend to remove as much moisture as their corded counterparts, so if possible we recommend putting additional measures in place to rid your bathroom of too much excess moisture. Here follows some ideas, in no particular order.

  • Keep the bathroom door open when the bathroom’s not in use
  • Utilise any working vents in the bathroom
  • Have the central heating on when possible
  • Keep windows open when possible and appropriate
  • And of course use more than one moisture absorber