Best 70 Pint Dehumidifier

Best 70 Pint Dehumidifier

Humidity in the home is a pain to live with. If left unchecked it can ruin your possessions, damage the structural integrity of the room or building, and induce health conditions that can be hard to shift. 

A good quality dehumidifier is a great way to control and maintain moisture levels. Dehumidifiers work by reducing the moisture levels in the air to a level that you are comfortable with. Usually, this means the air is sucked into the unit and passed over a cooling coil which makes the water in the air condense. The now dry air is recirculated and the water is kept in a tank for you to empty at your convenience. 

In this article, we are going to recommend the best 70-pint dehumidifiers around. These units are perfect for large, damp, or wet spaces. So whether you need to battle the natural humidity of your home or damp caused by building issues, we are sure you will find the perfect solution here. 

In a hurry? Here is our top pick.

Summary of reviews

Product name Water capacity (size)Color Dimensions (inches)Product link
Honeywell White TP70WK 70 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier70 Pints white 12.4 x 15.75 x 25.4 inches
Kesnos 70-pint Dehumidifier. 70 Pints white15.4 x 10.8 x 23.2 inches
Ivation 4,500 Sq Ft Large-Capacity Energy Star Dehumidifier70 Pints white10.5 x 13.8 x 20.5 inches
Waykar 70-Pint Dehumidifier70 Pints white136.8 x 136.8 x 302.28 inches
TOSOT 4,500 Sq Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier70 Pints white14.8 x 11.4 x 24.1 inches

Honeywell White TP70WK 70 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier


Honeywell prides themselves on being a name you can trust and from the reviews of this product, it’s a substantiated claim. Owners of the Honeywell TP70WK dehumidifier rave about the power of this machine with many claiming to have seen a 25% reduction in humidity in just two days.

This machine is a perfect fit for large areas that see a lot of humidity like basements and garages, but its quiet fan system makes it suitable for most other rooms in the house too.

The Honeywell TP70WK model has all the standard features you’d expect to find in a dehumidifier including auto-shutoff and sleep mode. It also has an auto-restart feature which means the unit will come back on automatically after a power cut at the previous settings.

The TP70WK dehumidifier is Energy Star rated and has a washable dust filter like the Ivation model. This is great if you’re looking for a dehumidifier that won’t bring additional running costs.

What is also great about this model is that Honeywell offers a five-year warranty on the refrigeration parts so you can have peace of mind that your dehumidifier will keep trucking in the long run. Honeywell also provides an in-house customer service team that can be reached on the phone for troubleshooting or parts replacement which is a great additional service.

Like other models, this unit includes a drain hose for continuous drainage, however, the hose is less flexible than other models meaning it can be difficult to direct the hose to the drain or sink.

The water reservoir is almost seamlessly integrated into the machine helping to maintain the sleek and modern design but is easily accessible at the front of the machine when you need to empty it. This unit has a patent-pending, anti-spill guard which should make emptying the 1.7-gallon tank a breeze.

In terms of its aesthetic, this machine can integrate into the home better than the Ivation. The air vents are placed along the top of the machine while the filter sits at the back so it is less obtrusive. An excellent feature of this dehumidifier is the mirage display on the front.

Unlike the other units, you can monitor the humidity from anywhere in the room instead of having to view the display directly on top of the machine.


  • Energy Star rating.
  • Washable air filter.
  • In-house customer service team.
  • 5-year warranty on the sealed system.

  • The inflexible drain hose can be a pain.
  • Refiltered air can be quite warm which raises the room temperature.

Kesnos 70-pint Dehumidifier


There’s lots to love about this unit especially the sleek and unobtrusive design which makes it a perfect product for the home, office, or any other workspace.

With hidden wheels and ergonomic handles, you can move this unit around easily to target different areas as required. In a unit this size, we think this feature really makes it stand out. 

The 1.18-gallon tank is on the small side so you will have to empty it more frequently than other models but it is delivered with a two-meter drain hose, so you can set it up to automatically empty into a drain This means you can leave it running constantly if you have a persistent damp issue. 

The controls on the Kesnos dehumidifier are easy to use and include a convenient and accurate humidity level readout so you can see your machine at work. This unit also allows you to set the humidity level from anywhere between 30% to 80%.

Other features on the interface include a lock button to prevent accidental touches from interfering with your settings, timer settings, fan settings, and a light. 

This unit also has a dry clothes feature which allows you to naturally and easily dry your laundry in the same room as the dehumidifier. If you lack outdoor drying space or a tumble dryer, this feature will be a lifesaver. 


  • Sleek design.
  • Quiet while running.
  • Dry clothes feature.
  • Hidden wheels for easy movement.

  • The electrical cord is on the short side.
  • Small reservoir.

Ivation 4,500 Sq Ft Large-Capacity Energy Star Dehumidifier


Our next product is the Ivation 4500 Sq Ft dehumidifier which is Energy Star rated. It is efficient and more cost-effective than some units so even if you leave it running continuously, your energy bills won’t complain too much.

This machine has a washable air filter to catch all the dust and debris that may be floating around in your room. All you need to do is rinse the filter under the tap and slide it back in when it’s dirty. This is a bonus as you don’t need to keep buying filters like other machines.

With a larger reservoir than the Kesnos, the optional hose attachment may not be necessary for this model. It also has an auto-defrost feature to stop the cooling element from freezing itself and the water.

This feature seems to be less effective if you are using the unit in a very cool area like a basement or outhouse but at room temperature and above it works well to save the machine from some extra work which would push your energy bills up.

The design of this model is more industrial than other units. It doesn’t quite blend in with its surroundings unless those surroundings are a warehouse or workshop, but as it does a fantastic job, we think that its rough exterior can be forgiven somewhat.



  • Energy Star rating.
  • Washable filter.
  • Larger water reservoir.
  • Wheels for easy movement.

  • Can be noisy on uneven flooring.
  • The auto-defrost feature is less reliable in cooler rooms.

Waykar 70-Pint Dehumidifier


Similar to the Kesnos, this unit has a 1.18-gallon tank and an auto-drain feature with the hose included.

The hose material is much more flexible than the Honeywell and easier to position into a drain or sink which means that you won’t need to worry too much about the smaller reservoir.

This machine works like a racehorse but sounds like a mouse which is excellent for really damp living spaces.

The Waykar has a touchscreen interface with simple, easy to use buttons. It includes a lock function and a light for convenience. The humidity display is large and easy to read at the top of the unit so you can make sure it is running correctly.

You have options for the fan and humidity settings and can also set a timer which will help you reduce energy consumption when the machine is not needed.

Design-wise, we think this dehumidifier is slim and portable weigh only 29lbs! You will be surprised by the amount of power it has considering its reduced size. We love the fact that it can sit inconspicuously in the corner of your room while also packing a punch.

The wheels are integrated and provide smooth movement across your floors for easy transport.


  • Very quiet when running.
  • 6ft long power cord.
  • Sleek, slim, and stylish.
  • Efficient.

  • Small water reservoir.
  • The placement of the reservoir is awkward for removal.
  • Doesn’t automatically shut off when the desired humidity is reached.

TOSOT 4,500 Sq Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier


The main selling point of this model is its ultra-quiet operation. Creating only 51 decibels of noise at its highest setting, this dehumidifier is one of the quietest around.

TOSOT’s dehumidifier has an enormous two-gallon reservoir which means you won’t have to empty it as frequently as other models. This is very handy especially when you consider the fact that it doesn’t ship with a hose though you can attach third party hoses.

Another great feature is the auto-shutoff when the room reaches the desired humidity level. This means that your unit won’t be wasting energy when it doesn’t need to be running. When you couple this with its Energy Star rating you get a machine that costs next to nothing to run!

If you do want to keep it running continuously, you can switch it to ‘non-stop’ mode by pressing the minus button until ‘NS’ is displayed on top. While we are talking about the controls, we will say, the display on this unit is small. You may need to fish out your glasses to read the controls and humidity levels.

Also, a bit of a downside on the display front is the fact that there is no indicator light to tell you when the reservoir is full. There is a clear view panel on the reservoir itself but we would have liked a light or an alarm to let you know why it’s stopped working.


  • Huge 2-gallon reservoir.
  • Very quiet.
  • Auto-shutoff mode saves you money.
  • Energy star rating.

  • Not shipped with a hose.
  • No full tank indicator.
  • Noticeably heats the air.


Best 70 Pint Dehumidifiers Buying Guide

We’ve given you a rundown of our favorite 70-pint dehumidifiers available right now. There were an awful lot to choose from so we tried to pick the dehumidifiers with power and charm so that they fit into your space without being too obtrusive.

Of course, you may be after something a little different, which is why we have created this handy buyer’s guide to help you through your purchase.

Rating System

In 2019, the DoE rating system changed the test parameters for dehumidifiers. Previously they had been tested continuously for 24 hours in a room at 80° Fahrenheit with a relative humidity of 60%.

The ratings reflected how much moisture they collected those conditions. In 2019, however, they changed the temperature of the test room to 65° Farenheit to better reflect the average temperature of homes.

What this means for you, the buyer is very little. Machines which are now marketed as 50-pint dehumidifiers would feasibly remove 70-pints of water in a room that is 80° but you’re more likely to be using them in rooms closer to the 65° mark. The internal components of the machines have hardly changed. It is more about the way they are described.

Room Size and Moisture Level

Size and moisture levels of a room will affect how hard and how well your dehumidifier will perform.

As a rough guide, a 70-pint dehumidifier will cover an area of about 2500 square feet with mild humidity. In damper rooms like basements and bathrooms, it will work well in an area of about 2000 square feet. If you have a serious damp problem the range of the dehumidifier is reduced to between 1500-2000 square feet.

A 70-pint dehumidifier certainly has a wide area of effect, but remember that these numbers are based on the machine running constantly to maintain humidity levels. If you have a smaller room, you could still benefit from a 70-pint dehumidifier but you wouldn’t have to run it for so long and you could save a bit of money on your energy bills compared to having a smaller dehumidifier running for longer.

Water Collection

In our reviews, we have chosen units which can be hooked up to a drainage pipe to allow auto-drainage. We think this is the best option for dehumidifiers as you can place them where ever you need them without having to worry about drainage installation if it isn’t available.

All dehumidifiers have a water reservoir and these tanks are measured in gallons and generally range from 1- 2.5 gallons. The larger the tank, the less you will need to empty it.

For some people, emptying the reservoir is a pain, especially if you have a very damp area. In these cases, you may find the hose attachment more useful. When purchasing your dehumidifier, take time to check out what kind of hose is supplied (if any) and what the connector is like. In many cases, the hose supplied is quite short and inflexible which makes it difficult to reach a drain or sink.

Some dehumidifiers have a general attachment which allows you to hook up a common garden hose. These are great because you don’t have to spend lots of money on specific hoses and connectors. Other models have manufacturer-specific connections which means you may struggle to find a hose or connector to fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can one dehumidifier do a whole house?

Although the square footage recommendations for dehumidifiers seem high, in reality, they can’t manage the humidity of a whole house from a single spot. Dehumidifiers work best in the room they are placed in.

Doors, stairs, and other obstructions will limit the air that the dehumidifier can draw in and filter. Large capacity units like the ones recommended above may be able to do adjoining rooms but they can’t do a whole house unless it is a studio apartment!

Should a dehumidifier blow out hot air?

When standing near your dehumidifier you may notice the air being recirculated is hot. This does not mean the machine is broken. Heat is a natural byproduct of the dehumidifying process. With most machines, the amount of heat given off is nominal and in many cases, the heat is a bonus for those damp and draughty rooms you are using it in.

If you are sensitive to heat changes, make sure to check out the reviews and see what people have to say about the hot air.

Should you run a dehumidifier constantly?

In terms of safety, dehumidifiers come with a range of built-in safety features which means they are safe to run for a long time or constantly. Almost all will have an auto-shutoff feature for when the reservoir is full which will stop it from overflowing. They are also usually fitted with an anti-tip feature which means that if it is on an uneven surface or knocked over they will stop working.

As dehumidifiers use a low amount of energy, they are unlikely to cause shortages or fires if they are working correctly, which should give you peace of mind.

The air that dehumidifiers recirculate is filtered on it’s way out so as long as you keep the filter clean you won’t notice a drop in air quality.

The main issue with letting them run constantly is your energy bills. Try to pick a unit that is Energy Star rated to tackle this. You could look at units with an auto-shutoff feature that activates when the desired humidity level is reached.