Aircare MA1201 Humidifier Review

Looking for a monster of a humidifier which could make your whole house comfortable with its moisture? Our review of the Aircare MA1201 suggests it has what you need.

Our review of the Aircare MA1201 reveals it as a unique humidifier. For, while most other humidifiers like the Honeywell HCM 350 stop short at less than 500 sq. feet, the MA1201 oozes out enough moisture for 3,600 sq. feet. Add to it the auxiliary features that it provides – such as auto-shutoff – and the Aircare MA1201 looks like a must-have for any home.

Did I just say ‘’must-have’’? Well, I’m sorry then, for I could only make this claim once we’re done reviewing the MA1201. And that will only happen once we’ve looked at its key features.

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  • Refill and Check Filter indicators
  • 3,600 sq. feet coverage
  • 36-hour maximum runtime
  • Humidistat and auto-shutoff features

  • No Timer

Aircare MA1201 – Features

There are two types of features every humidifier boasts; key features that make it the best (or worst), and good but not great features which separate it from the riffraff.

Key Features
  • 3,600 Sq.

Feet Coverage Area There are humidifiers out there which put out just enough humidity for your bedroom. Then there are others who make our living rooms comfortable. Finally, there are those which ooze enough moisture to humidify our entire home. The Aircare MA1201 falls in the last category. It has a coverage area of 3,600 sq. feet which are more than enough for an average sized home. That means you could install it in the center of your house – and its moisture would have enough power to reach all its corners to make them livable.

  •  Cool Mist

Ever wondered why experts warn you off warm mist humidifiers? Well, that’s because these humidifiers have a central heating element which makes them hot-to-touch, hence posing the risk of burn injury. Which is exactly what the Aircare MA1201 tries to avoid with its cold mist. With no central heating element, no warm mist, and certainly no hot body, this humidifier will be as safe is your kid’s nursery as it would be in your living room. Apart from depleting the risk of a burn injury, the cool-mist producing MA1201 also provides protection against tipping over. That is, even when a child or pet accidentally tips over, the presence of cold mist means there is no chance of scalding.

  • Humidistat

Despite coming at an average price, the Aircare MA1201 – in the shape of its humidistat – provides a feature which is normally available in more high-end, astronomically expensive humidifiers. What does the humidistat do? It gives you maximum control over your humidifier. It does the same by allowing you to adjust the humidity of the humidifier. That is, by operating the knob positioned at the front face of the MA1201, you could set its humidity at your desired setting.

  • Refill and Check Filter Indicators

To be honest, there’s no better thing than to have a filter-less model. Still, the next best thing is a humidifier which provides the check filter indicator. Otherwise, we would have to crank open the humidifier’s body to check the filter every now and then. As for the refill indicator, and at the cost of sounding hyperbolic, it is a godsend. After all, nobody in our houses likes to take the responsibility of checking the humidifier’s water level. Therefore, with a refill indicator, nobody would have to, as everybody would know when it’s time to refill the tank.

Good But Not Great Features
  • Auto shutoff

While cold mist humidifiers provide protection against burn injury, they could still get hot, especially when you keep on running them with their empty water tank. However, since none of us is free most of the time to check on the humidifier’s tank capacity, the auto-shutoff feature is what we need. This feature turns off the humidifier the moment its water level falls below safe levels. That, in turn, provides two benefits, the first of which it turns off the humidifier before it gets hot. The second benefit revolves around the increased shelf life of the humidifier for, by turning it off when the water level falls, the auto shutoff feature saves our humidifier’s motor from burning.

  • 36 Hour Runtime

Let’s be honest: none of us like having a humidifier which requires refilling every now and then. Even when you throw in luxuries like refill indicator and auto-shutoff feature, the point remains; we want a humidifier which we don’t have to refill every day. Fortunately, as the 36-hour runtime of the Aircare MA1201 suggests, it provides us just that. Granted, this runtime is only for the lowest setting, however, even when you run it at the highest speed setting – as four speeds are on offer – you should still get more than 24 hours. And in case you’re wondering, this humidifier borrows such an impressive runtime from its 3.6-gallon tank capacity.

User Critique
Having looked at the best features the Aircare MA1201 has to offer, let’s now turn our attention to those aspects where it has disappointed its users.

  • No Timer

The only major issue which its users have with the Aircare MA1201 has to do with the absence of a timer. And while many people think that it’s the same as an auto-shutoff, a timer gives you more benefits than simply shutting off your unit.

Take, for instance, your daily routine. If your humidifier has a timer, you could program it to turn half an hour before you arrive from office – so that the entire house is at a comfortable temperature when you arrive home.

Sadly, the Aircare MA1201 provides no such luxury.

Final Verdict
Final Verdict The Aircare MA1201 humidifier is one for extra-large homes with its 3,600 sq. feet coverage area. Apart from being cool to touch, it boasts useful safety features like auto-shutoff and refills indicators. Add to this its impressive runtime of 36 hours, a check filter indicator, 4 fan speeds, and 3.6-gallon tank capacity, and the Aircare MA1201 proves to be a must-have.