Add vinegar to humidifier water

Humidifiers are very effective and efficient in the dry winter periods in keeping the air moist. Hence, prevent the occurrences of dry sinuses, dry skin, dry lips, allergies, or asthma.

As much as humidifiers are efficient to maintain the humidity of your home or to give your plants the essential humidity, they need to be in good shape also running in safety.

Vinegar is well effective to clean the humidifier, and of course, humidifier need proper maintenance to make sure is serving the purpose of keeping the air moist without health issues.

Adding vinegar to the humidifier water ensure your humidifier is running in safety by alleviating the growth of bacteria and fungi. And for the record, humidifier water is the water you are using to run your humidifier which must be either of demineralization or distilled water.

So you can add vinegar to the humidifier water to clean the tank after detaching it from the humidifier, as well as, the funnel and you can use a soft cloth to clean the outside of the humidifier.

However, it is not ideal to add vinegar to humidifier water while humidifier is still plugged in, not even for its irritative smell. But it is perfect for cleaning.

Best vinegar products that will be okay to clean your humidifier is detailed meticulously in this article.

Summary of reviews:

Product name Type of vinegarBottleSize (ounces)Product link
Viva Naturals Raw Organic Apple Cider VinegarApple cider vinegarglass32
Bragg USDA Organic Apple Cider VinegarApple cider vinegarPlastic16
White House Heinz Distilled White VinegarWhite distilled VinegarPlastic128
White House White Distilled Vinegar White distilled VinegarPlastic64

Type of vinegar to add to humidifier water

What is Vinegar?

Vinegar is a mixture of acetic acid, water and other elements essential for health, which includes flavorings. Vinegar is made from different sources of alcohol, and when the alcohol gets fermented by bacteria it produces acetic acid-the main constituent of the vinegar.

Vinegar is used to enhance the flavor of foods, and of course, used for cleaning the humidifier, a little addition of vinegar to the humidifier will do the magic. It as well used for home cleaning and certain appliances like microwave.

There are two types of vinegar for cleaning the humidifier, and they are the apple cider vinegar and the white distilled vinegar.

Apple cider Vinegar

The apple cider vinegar is made from a crushed apple- Yeast is added to the crushed apple to ferment the sugars and turn them to alcohols, bacteria are then added to the alcohol for further fermentation to produce acetic acid. Acetic acid is the reason for the sour taste of vinegars.

The unfiltered apple cider vinegar retains the strands of proteins enzymes and beneficial bacteria that initially turn apple cider vinegar into vinegar known as “mothers” while the filtered apple cider vinegar does not contain “the mothers”.

The addition of apple cider vinegar to clean your humidifier is more effective in impeding the growth of bacteria than the harsh chemicals, not to mention, partial cleaning.

Apple cider vinegar products review to add to humidifier water

Viva Naturals Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar


It will be worthwhile purchasing this versatility apple cider vinegar- it is not just prepared to enhance the flavor of your food but to as well combat the bacteria that may want to give your humidifier problem. So add 3 cups into the humidifier water to clean the water chamber.

The health benefit that comes with it is enormous. Just adding ½ or 1 teaspoonful of Viva natural raw organic Apple Cider Vinegar (AVC) into your tea or water will reduce blood sugar and blood pressure spikes like magic. Also alleviate legs cramp. The smell is not that strong which makes it perfect for deep humidifier cleaning, and it has a good taste.

Among the features that make it unique include:

  • Produced from US-organic apple
  • Manufactured in glass bottle
  • Certified pure by Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
  • Unfiltered apple cider vinegar and contains of the majority of the “mothers”
  • Suitable for hair rinsing
  • It is unpasteurized
  • Weight 32 ounces

So if you are looking for an apple cider vinegar that will serve your cooking, cleaning and health purposes  Check on Amazon.


  • Pros Multitasking
  • Taste good
  • have numerous health benefits

  • N/A


Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar USD Organic – Plastic Bottle…


Bragg is a household name in producing apple cider vinegar. They have different varieties of Apple cider vinegar, but this particular product caught our eye for its numerous benefits.

This product is superb for weight loss also for stomach upset relieve and prevention of acne. It is suitable for salad dressing and of course, efficient to combat the bacteria in the humidifier.

Add apple cider vinegar to the humidifier water, which, is distilled or demineralized water for cleaning.

Among other features that make Bragg cider vinegar stand out includes:

  • It is California organic foods Act of 1990 and Kosher certified
  • The product is unfiltered, unheated and unpasteurized
  • It is 5% acidity also contains the mothers of vinegar.

Product bottle is 16 fluid ounces


  • Has many health benefits
  • Can be used for many things
  • Proven to have numerous health benefits

  • N/A


White distilled vinegar

White distilled vinegar is produced from alcohol distilled from fermented grain usually corn.

The white distilled vinegar contains 90-95% of water and 5-10% of acetic acid. And white distilled vinegar is good for cleaning the humidifiers, and other related appliances also nice for cooking.

White distilled vinegar product reviews

Heinz Distilled White Vinegar, 1 gallon

Heinz Distilled White Vinegar, 1 gallon


This Heinz distilled white vinegar is great for cleaning your humidifier to eradicate bacteria. Add white vinegar to your humidifier water (demineralized or distilled water) and swoosh to clean. It is also good to clean the microwaves and stained toilets.

The most amazing thing about this product is that it can turn an intense dirty floor to sparkling new. And add 2 cups into warm bath water to take of dry skin.


Features that make it customer’s choice include:

  • Has 5% acidity
  • Produces from grain
  • Product is 128 ounces


  • Can handle many cleaning purposes
  • Nice for cooking

  • pricey


White House White Distilled Vinegar 64oz (64 oz)


This white house distilled vinegar is environmentally friendly and great for cleaning.

This product is useful in so many ways not just for the cleaning of the humidifier, but also for the cleaning of the floor, washes cloth clean and odorless, keeps infections from wound.

It will effectively remove the hard water deposits, this vinegar works faster to clean the humidifier in no time. However, rinse thoroughly with warm water to remove the vinegar before plugging in the humidifier.

It is also great for bathtub deodorizing also effective for stomach aches. So, white house white distilled vinegar is your choice if you are looking for vinegar that will serve many purposes.

Among features that make it fascinating include:

  • Perfect for quick cleaning
  • Has 5% acidity
  • It is size 64 ounces
  • It is made from alcohol grain


  • Can serve many purposes
  • Environmental friendly
  • List item

  • N/A


How to clean humidifier with vinegar
It is not enough to acquire the best vinegar to clean your humidifier, but also to know how to use it to get the optimal result as well as the precautions to take note when using it.

Washing the tank with VinegarTo clean filter:For deep cleaning Precautions
• Unplug humidifier
• Detach the tank from the humidifier and pour out the unclean water
• Add 3 cups of vinegar to humidifier water and pour into the tank
• Swoosh tank very well so that it covers the bottom to left and right sides, if necessary use a brush to remove away dirt from the bottom of tank.
• Then rinse tank with warm water to completely remove the vinegar.

• Unplug the humidifier
• Remove filter from the humidifier
• Soak filter in a container of water mixed with equal parts of vinegar and humidifier water for about 1 hour.
• Remove the filter from solution and inspect it thoroughly that it is clean, otherwise, return into vinegar
• If you are sure filter is clean then rinse with clean water

For deep cleaning, but this is for once in a while
• Add vinegar to humidifier water and plug in humidifier for one hour.
• Ensure you do this outside because of the smell.

• Under no condition should you use vinegar with humidifier you can use it for deep cleaning, but, that is just for one hour and only once in awhile.
• Take humidifier outside when doing deep cleaning.
• Clean your humidifier always, ideally, every day
• Change filter as recommended by manufacturer.

Add vinegar to humidifier water to thoroughly clean your humidifier and make it free from bacteria and other contaminants. You can pick from the products review of apple cider vinegar or white distilled vinegar for your humidifier cleaning also for general home cleaning.

Vinegar has pretty more additional health benefits to your health especially the apple cider vinegar. So vinegar is a must buy for every home that takes healthy living a priority. Enjoy a healthy life by adding vinegar to your warm water or tea or add vinegar to humidifier water to fight off bacteria.