Best Humidifier in 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

You know what’s never perfect?

Yup, Indoor air.

Either it’s too hot or too cold, too dry or too humid. Particularly during winter, it makes life difficult as people have to deal with very dry air at home. This, in turn, causes an array of problems including nosebleeds, dry sinuses, and cracked & sore lips.

Experienced the above-mentioned problems yourself?

You need the best humidifiers. By adding humidity to the air, they get rid of flu, cold, and allergy symptoms, while easing asthma and itchiness.

Best Humidifier in 2020 – Comparison Table

 WeightCoverage Area (max)Tank CapacityAuto shutoffTimerLatest Price
Honeywell HCM350W9.55 poundsN/A2 gallonsNoNo
TaoTronics Ultrasonic Cool Mist3.53 pounds538 sq. feet4 LitersYesYes
Aircare MA1201 14 pounds3,600 sq. feet3.6 gallonsYesNo
Winix AW60015.4 pounds500 sq. feet1.85 gallonsYesYes
Sunpentown SU-401011 pounds500 sq. feet4 LitersYesNo
Venta LW25 Airwasher8.5 pounds400 sq. feet2 gallonsYesNo
Crane EE-80656.9 pounds500 sq. feet1.2 gallonsYesNo
Dyson AM103.5 kgN/A2.84 litersNoYes
Levoit LV600HH4.92 pounds500 sq. feet6 LitersYesYes
Pure Ultrasonic1.75 pounds200 sq. feet1.5-LITERYesNo

Honeywell HCM350W – Best Humidifier for Large Rooms

The Honeywell HCM350W will suit those people who want excellent value for their money, particularly if they don’t want some high-end features.


Justifying its enviable reputation, the Honeywell HCM350W offers three-speed settings in the package. Not only can you control humidity with these settings, but they also allow you to control the noise, with the smaller speeds producing less noise.

However, that doesn’t mean that the HCM350W would be ultra-loud on higher speed settings. Instead, it has a very useful QuietCare Performance setting which allows the humidifier to run quietly, emitting a soft ‘’white noise’’ in the process.

In contrast to ultrasonic humidifiers which rely on vibration to produce heat, it does the same by blowing air through a wick, whose bottom sits in the water. And while it doesn’t have a humidistat, the wick relies on a self-regulating feature to automatically adjust its output.

The real selling point of the HCM350W is its antimicrobial design. Its wick has a filter which removes impurities such as bacteria, germs, and mold from the water it pushes out. If that wasn’t enough, it uses ultraviolet light to kill viruses and bacteria lurking in the water.

The tank, meanwhile, has an output of 2.3 gallons per day which allows it to humidify 500 square feet rooms with ease. And while it’s 18’’ design makes the humidifier bulkier than most, the fact that it has a shatterproof body means that it is dishwasher safe.

User Critique
With the Honeywell HCM350W, you get no bells and whistles whatsoever. There is no auto-shutoff safety feature, nor is there a humidistat or a timer.


  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Enough for rooms up to 500 square foot
  •  Wick filter and ultraviolet light kills bacteria, molds, and viruses
  •  Dishwasher-safe

  •   No auto safety shutoff feature

Final Verdict
While it is true that you get no bells and whistles with it, the Honeywell HCM350W has made the most of its available feature. So, if you want a humidifier which does what it claims, this humidifier deserves your attention.

TaoTronics Ultrasonic Cool MistBest Humidifier for Bedroom

All some people want from their humidifier is for it to deliver consistently and quality humidity. Others, and especially who are going to use it in their office, want it to look good as well. There is yet another category of people – those which want solid design and quality humidity – whom the TaoTronics serves best.


Starting from its design, the TaoTronics features a 5-liter tank which allows it to run continuously for 13 hours. However, provided you lower its power settings – as four adjustable mist settings are on offer – the runtime will only increase.

To kill bacteria and viruses and pump safe water into the surroundings, the Microporous cartridge of the TaoTronics is essential. It filters microorganisms, calcium and magnesium ions from water to ensure that every house resident gets a safe mist.

In addition to the four adjustable mist settings, the TaoTronics offers another option to control its mist: the 360-degree nozzle. Capable of being directed anyhow you wish, this nozzle features a low, middle, and high humidity settings.

If you are a fan of bells and whistles, the TaoTronics will satiate your appetite with its myriad of functionality features. Present here is the auto-shutoff feature which would automatically shut down the humidification sensing some discrepancy. Also available is a timer, which lets you set the humidity level, be it for 1 or 24 hours.

What’s more, you don’t need to press some poorly positioned buttons to control these features. Instead, the TaoTronics has a backlit LED display which provides extreme control over this device. You can also check the level of humidity at any given time by merely looking at the display.

User Critique
Apart from the usual complaints about its price tag, some users weren’t happy that they had to daily refill the tank of this unit.


  •  Backlit LED display for easy operation
  • Auto-shutoff, auto-timer, and speed-control features
  •  360-degree nozzle
  •   13 hour run time at the highest speed setting

  • The tank needs daily refilling

Final Verdict
Whether you are looking at its design, functionality, or user-friendliness, it is hard to find fault with the TaoTronics. Go for it if its price tag fails to deter you.

AIRCARE MA1201 Best for Whole Home

Imagine a humidifier which you can carry around on its wheels no matter where you go. Now imagine it has the capacity to humidify your entire house no matter where you place it. To be honest, you don’t need to imagine, for the AIRCARE MA1201 fulfills both these scenarios in reality.


Looks-wise, you won’t find the Aircare M1201 better than an age-old fan heater. Provided you can get over its looks, however, and that’s where the real deal starts. With a capacity of 3.6 gallons and a runtime of up to 36 hours, this unit could humidify up to 3,600 square foot with ease. It also has the wheels so that you can carry it around with ease.

Making this unit an all-weather horse is the customizable humidity and fan settings which it also provides. While the former would allow you to adjust its humidity – higher in the summer, lower in winter – the 4 fan speeds will let you control how early (or late) you want to humidify your space.

The Aircare M1201 is a safe device to use for it comes with a check filter indicator, an auto-shutoff feature and evaporative wick. Every time the filter gets full with dirt, the ‘’check filter’’ indicator would start blaring on the display atop the humidifier.

As for the auto-shutoff feature, it would come into action in two instances: either when the unit is about to get empty or when the desired humidity level is achieved. The evaporative wick, meanwhile, acts as a filter as it traps mineral deposits to keep the water supply clean of them.

Finally, for a humidifier which provides such a large coverage as 3,600 square foot, the Aircare MA1201 won’t require daily refillings or weekly filter replacements. Instead, even if you use it for 12 hours a day, the tank would require refilling only once per two days. As for the filter, you need to replace it only once every month.

User Critique
As suggested at the very start of its review, the Aircare MA1201 isn’t going to win the ‘’best design award’’ for its looks anytime soon.


  • Runtime of up to 36 hours on one refill
  • 4 Fan speeds and customizable humidity settings
  •  Refill and check filter digital indicators
  •  Digital humidistat

  •   Looks ugly

Final Verdict
For a unit which looks as if it belongs to the late 20th century, the Aircare MA1201 has all the features to justify its reputation as a high-end, 21st-century humidifier. Thus, while it doesn’t look good, it looks simply won’t matter once you start using it.

Winix AW600 – Best Humidifier for Winter

The Winix AW600 won’t only humidify the air around it but would also purify it with its high-performance air purifiers. That said, had it didn’t provide that, its steep price tag means that nobody would have bought it at all.


Starting with the best, and it is undoubtedly the operating mechanism of the Winix AW600 that makes it special. While ultrasonic humidifiers rely on vibration to create mist, the AW600 operates by collecting the room air over its rapidly spinning disks. This mechanism allows it to attract impurities and allergens to the discs, before washing them away. As for the water, it would spin into extraordinarily clean mist particles to humidify the surrounding atmosphere.

The Winix AW600 improves air quality further by covering in three stages. First, it would draw in the outside air before passing it over the HEPA filter which absorbs dust particles and breaks down allergens. Next, the discs come into play by collecting the particulate matter before rinsing them off as they move through the water.

Finally, we have the PlasmaWave technology which breaks down chemical vapors, provided they exist in the air, before delivering purified air to your home. Airborne pollutants, meanwhile, are captured by the dual HEPA and carbon combination filter which captures and eliminates them.

Moving on, this humidifier has a daily output of up to 3.17 gallons, enough to cover areas up to 600 square feet. It has three operating modes – automatic, continuous, and sleep – and it also allows you to adjust its humidification level by offering 3 fan speeds.

Finally, to ensure both your safety as well as the longevity of the machine, it comes with an auto-shutoff timer. It would shut down the machine when the water level gets low, so as to prevent the motor from burning.

User Critique
Of all the units that we have reviewed thus far, none of them was as heavy – or expensive – as the Winix AW600.


  • Cleans air through three stages
  •  Auto mode to monitor the humidity level of the room
  •   HEPA/Carbon Combination filter guarantees the supply of purified mist

  •  Ultra-expensive
  •  Heavy

Final Verdict
In addition to acting as a humidifier, the Winix also performs superbly as an air purifier as well. Hence, while its price is a bit steep, this humidifier has all the features to justify it.

Sunpentown SU-4010Best Humidifier for Baby Room

The Ultrasonic Sunpentown SU-4010 humidifier moisturizes air both effectively as well as quietly. It produces a small buzzing noise, though it isn’t enough to disturb even the lightest of sleepers.


Starting from its output, the 1.1 gallon capacity of the SU-4010 makes it compatible to cover rooms up to 500 square feet in size. You also don’t have to refill its tank every day, for, even on 12-hour daily usage, it requires refilling only once every 24 hours.

While you can also use it as a warm mist humidifier, the experts do not recommend it. That leaves you with only one option: cool mist setting. With an output of over 2.4 gallons per day, the cool mist setting gives an operational time of 12 hours on one filling.

While ultrasonic filters are known for their cleanliness, they still require you to change their filter, and the SU-4010 is no different. That said, while most others require filter replacement every month, the SU-4010 requires one every 6 months. That means that it has a low operating cost.

One feature which makes the SU-4010 high-end is the auto-shutoff function. It will turn off the humidifier automatically when it runs out of the water. That, in turn, not only saves electricity but also protects the humidifier’s moving parts from overheating.

Finally, this unit provides a one-year warranty which, when you compare it with its competitors, falls on the shorter side.

User Critique
Apart from the short warranty period, the absence of the humidistat is another noticeable shortcoming of this model.


  • Includes an auto-shutoff function
  • Filter requires replacement only once every six months
  •   Compact design
  •  Nearly quiet operation

  • No humidistat
  • Small warranty period

Final Verdict
Thanks to its smart, slim profile, the Sunpentown SU-4010 has the ability to fit into tight spaces. Go for it if space is at a premium in your home.

Venta LW25 Airwasher – Best Humidifier for Sinus Problems

For those of you who want a humidifier which requires less frequent refilling and cleaning – and could afford to pay a premium as well – consider the Venta LW25. Costing just under the $300 mark, this unit mitigates its high upfront cost by its ridiculously low running cost.


Grown fed up with replacing the filters on your machine? The Venta LW25 will suit you then, as it has no filters whatsoever. That doesn’t mean, however, that it would pump dirty mist into your room. Instead, this humidifier uses water as its filtration media to remove airborne impurities.

As for its energy efficiency, how much energy the unit will consume depends on its speed setting, as it offers three of them. Set it on the lowest speed, and it will consume only 3 Watts, followed by 5 and 8 Watts on the next two speeds, respectively.

What’s more, even if you keep it running at its highest speed setting, the unit won’t make decipherable noise. For, it produces only 42 dB noise on the highest speed setting, whereas a normal conversation occurs at 60 dB. It means you can sleep with the Venta LW25 turned on.

Finally, as suggested in its heading, the low-maintenance-capability of this unit is derived from its design. While other units require weekly rinsing, it requires one every two weeks. And while most of them require you to clean your unit once every month, it requires thorough cleaning only after six months.

User Critique
Despite its name, we didn’t find the Venta LW25 to be an effective air purifier. However, that has no bearing on its performance as an air humidifier.


  • Low maintenance
  •  Less energy consumption
  •   No filter replacement required
  • Noise less than a whisper

  • Not good as an air purifier

Final Verdict
While its performance as an air purifier was below par, use the Venta LW25 as a humidifier, and you’d have no qualms about its high up-front cost.

Crane EE-8065 – Best Humidifier for Cough

The Crane EE-8065 provides cleaned mist to rid your home of flu, cold, and allergy symptoms. Apart from reducing their growth in its water tank, its antimicrobial technology also stops the spewing of bacteria, mold, and viruses into your home.


The Clean Control feature of the Crane EE-8065 is the reason of why it would keep your home free of seasonal allergies. This technology prevents bacteria, mold, and virus from growing in the tank of the humidifier. As a result, with no such particles in its tow, the mist that it spews out will make your house cough-free.

The fact that it removes every germ particle in the book doesn’t mean that this humidifier will require constant filter replacement. Instead, it requires no filter replacement whatsoever – for it doesn’t come with a filter.

The Crane EE-8065 is much more than an anti-cough humidifier, as suggested by its 360* nozzle. Capable of rotating four ways, the lid will throw the mist exactly where you direct it. It draws its water from a 1-gallon tank which requires refilling once every 72 hours.

Similar to its enviable refilling duration, the coverage of the Crane EE-8065 is brilliant. For, provided you keep it full, this unit would provide the necessary mist for space of up to 500 square feet.

Finally, like its competition, the Crane EE-8065 offers an auto-shutoff feature. This feature will come into play every time the tank empties. It will turn off the device so that it doesn’t get overheat and also to save energy.

User Critique
One complaint which most users voiced about this model was the absence of a timer. As you cannot time its operation.


  • Clean Control Technology removes bacteria, viruses, and mold
  •  Considerable coverage area
  •  Auto shutoff feature
  •  72-hour refilling time

  • No timer

Final Verdict
The EE-8065 is a must-have humidifier if you want an inexpensive cure for seasonal problems like cough, flu, and allergy. And its competitive price tag means that the majority can afford it as well.

Dyson AM10 – Best humidifier for summer

Looking for a humidifier which can do double duty? The Dyson AM 10, in addition to humidifying your home all year-round, will also keep things cool in the summer by throwing high-velocity cold air. And it also has some high-end technology to keep your abode dirt free.


Standing 23’’ tall, the AM10 is a large appliance when, when you fill its three-liter tank, also becomes heavy. However, as we have come to expect of Dyson products, it’s aesthetically brilliant. Its silver framing and white polycarbonate MOC gives the whole humidifier a futuristic look.

Little things, like the way you can magnetically add its remote control to the top of the AM10, gives it a premium feel. The detachable handle of the water drum, meanwhile, shows its designers had your convenience in mind. And you only need to rinse it once a week to keep it free of limescale and grime.

Once you fill its tank, the AM10 will take three minutes to undergo a water cleaning cycle, during which it uses a UV light blast to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria. Afterward, it would use its Air Multiplier technology to send mist around your home.

Using the AM10 is a cinch, and most of the time you don’t have to turn to its remote control either. Instead, it comes equipped sensors which allow the humidifier to do its thing on its own. Take the moisture sensor, for instance.

After the three-minute cleaning cycle, the moisture sensor will take stock of its surroundings. Afterward, it would adjust its output to match the same. The temperature sensor would do the same to adjust the temperature of the outgoing mist.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you have no control over the humidifier. For the remote control contains buttons which allow switching between fan-only and humidifier modes, sleep timer, and control for humidity and airflow settings. Depending on the setting, it can provide 18 hours of continuous mist n a single filling.

User Critique
When operated at its top level, the Dyson AM10 has the inclination to get quite loud. Also, unlike other Dyson fans, it won’t automatically rotate.


  •  Throws cool air in the summer
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  •  Loads of useful Indicators
  •  User-friendly controls

  •  Loud
  • The fan doesn’t automatically rotate

Final Verdict
Whether you want the humidity of your room – or looking for an option that could keep you cool in the sweltering heat of the summer – the Dyson AM 10 ticks all the right boxes on both counts.

Levoit LV600HH – Best Ultrasonic Humidifier

Loved the features of Dyson AM10 but can’t afford to pay its asking price? The Levoit LV600HH offers most of them and more. It lasts longer between refills, is easier to clean, and is more user-friendly as well.


Starting from its design, and Levoit claims that its 1.5 gallons tank allows the LV600HH to run 30+ hours between refills. During our testing, we got more than 27 hours in a steam-heated apartment, so the manufacturer’s claim wasn’t off the mark.

Even when you measure it among the quietest humidifiers in this review – like the Venta LW 25 – Levoit is still ultra-quiet. While the LW 25 had a decibel rating of 42 dB in our testing, Levoit lead the way with only 35.2 dB on all its three settings.

Best of all, unlike other humidifiers, you can shut off the bright display of the Levoit at night. All you need to do is to hold down its Auto button for a few seconds, and it would turn off. That makes it adequate for bedroom or nursery room usage.

Cleaning the Levoit is also easy as its fill hole’s diameter is large enough to allow you to reach inside for thorough cleaning. It also has a humidistat which we found accurate in our testing as it kept the humidity level right at where we had commanded.

User Critique
Like the majority of ultrasonic humidifiers, you have to place the Levoit on the shelf otherwise its mist would puddle the floor. And if the air around it is dirty, it would create a white mineral dust on the surface you place it on.


  •  Lasts more than a day between refills
  • Exceptionally Quiet
  • Has a humidistat
  •  Easy to clean and maintain

  • Have to be placed off the floor

Final Verdict
A brilliant performance, huge tank, and considerable duration between refilling times make Levoit LV600HH the best ultrasonic humidifier in this article.

Pure Ultrasonic – Best Humidifier for Dry Skin

Not all humidifiers who are highly rated on Amazon were able to justify their reputation during our tests. The Pure Ultrasonic, however, was different. Apart from being Amazon’s choice, it is also our recommendation for those with dry skin problems.


Though not huge, the medium-sized 1.5-liter tank of the Pure makes it perfect for offices, bedrooms as well as medium-sized living rooms. Its tank is top mounted and transparent, hence allowing you to see the water level, letting you keep track of when you need to refill it next.

That said, considering the fact that we got 16 hours on a single refill during our testing, we can assume that you won’t need to replenish it very often.

It has a 360-degree nozzle which offers convenient and quick directional as well as mist speed adjustments. The unit also comes with an auto-shutoff feature, so you don’t have to worry about either the wasted energy or the moving parts getting overheated if the water runs out in your absence.

What’s more, you can double the device as a nightlight, too. The Pure has a ‘’nightlight’’ button on the device, pressing which it starts emitting a gentle blue light to create a nighttime ambiance in your bedroom.

Finally, as suggested by its below $$ price tag, you’d do well to go for a more powerful option if you aren’t buying a humidifier for your bedroom.

User Critique
While it offers a brush in the package to make cleaning easy, the Pure Ultrasonic humidifier is still difficult to clean.


  • Auto shutoff feature prevents wastage of energy
  • Clear, transparent tank allows seeing water levels
  •  360-degree nozzle for directional and mist-speed adjustments

Final Verdict
The Pure Ultrasonic humidifier comes with a low cost and a huge reputation. Fortunately, as we found out during our testing, the device has justified its tag as the choice of Amazon.

Types of Humidifiers
Humidifiers come in three general types: Evaporative, Warm-Mist, and Ultrasonic. To know which one of them would suit you better, let’s look briefly at how each of them operates.

Evaporative HumidifierUltrasonic HumidifiersWarm-Mist Humidifiers

The most traditional option, the evaporative humidifiers rely on a reservoir, fan, and porous wick to add moisture to the air. First of all, the wick absorbs moisture from the reservoir. It then gets in front of the fan which, then helps in evaporation by blowing air on the wick.

Since they do not generate heat, these humidifiers are best for homes with pets and children. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any shortcomings.


  •  Greater chance of bacterial contamination
  •  Noisy

The latest option, ultrasonic humidifiers rely on high-frequency sound vibrations to add mist to the air. Since they do not have any fan – or any other moving part for that matter – they are quieter and recommended for adults.

That said, since most ultrasonic humidifiers do not have any filter, they stand at a greater risk of mineral scaling problem.


  • Quiet; no operating noise whatsoever
  •  Easy to clean and require little maintenance
  •  No burn risk since they don’t have any hot surface

  • Expensive
  • Have a mineral dust accumulation problem

Looking for a cheaper option to treat cold and flu during winter months? Warm mist humidifiers may be your best bet. Before adding water to the air, they boil it via their internal heating element. In this way, they kill bacteria or any other molds, hence reducing the chance of cold or flu.

On the flipside, since they heat water before adding it to the air, the warm-mist humidifiers consume more energy than their competitors.


  •  Minimal risk of bacterial contamination
  •  Operate quietly
  •  Reduced chances of mineral dust accumulation
  •   Some allow the addition of inhalants to treat flu and the cold

  • Consume more energy
  •   Risk of burn

Best Humidifiers 2018 – What to Look For
Think the abovementioned product reviews are enough to make your selection? Think again, for this buying guide is going to help you make an informed decision. It will pinpoint the features which separate the best humidifiers from the riffraff.

Decide on the TypeTank Size & Coverage AreaDesign
For your convenience, we listed down the three general types of humidifiers which are available in the market. Which of these will suit you depends on what your requirements are. For, if you are looking for a humidifier for an asthma patient, warm-mist models are your best bet.

However, if you want one which won’t disturb you while you are working, the ultra-quiet, ultrasonic humidifiers are what you need. Conversely, if you are looking for a humidifier which consumes low energy, has no risk of burn injuries, and you can tolerate a little noise, go for the evaporative humidifiers,

Once you have decided on its type, looking for the coverage area and tank size of the humidifier. We listed both in the same heading as both of them are necessary for each other.

If you are looking for the best humidifier for your bedroom, the Avalon Cool Mist Humidifier mentioned above will suit you. With a tank size of 2.8 liters, it lasts eight hours on average and is an option for rooms under 250 square feet.

However, if you want the best humidifier for a large room, the Boneco 7135 is what you need. With a tank capacity of 3.5 gallons of water, the Boneco 7135 could treat rooms up to 650 square feet with ease.

Design-wise, all the best humidifiers have three aspects in common. First, they have a mineral removal filter which removes bacteria and mineral deposits from the water before it is dispersed into the room air.

Second, these humidifiers have tanks with handles which make them easy to grip, so that you can move around the humidifier with ease. And finally, they offer humidity controls to let you control how much moisture you want to add to your surrounding air.

Best Humidifier 2018 – Optional Features
Automatic Shut-off Humidistat Timer

When searching for a humidifier, always look for a model which provides the automatic shut-off feature. This feature turns off the machine when the tank gets empty of water, hence saving the machine from overheating while also decreasing the risk of an electrical fire.

If you want to be safer, consider humidifiers which offer both the automatic shut-off feature as well as a transparent reservoir. In this way, you’d know when the reservoir is empty so that you could refill it.

How to determine how much humidity your room needs? One way of doing that is investing in a humidifier which offers a humidistat in the package. These are gauges which measure the moisture in your surrounding air and adjust their water output likewise.

While the majority of humidifiers offer manual humidistats, some also offer digital displays. In case you’re getting both in the similar price, we recommend going for the latter for ease of use and precise control.

Want your home to be at a perfect temperature when you get home? Some tabletop models offer timer which provides just that. By filling their tank in the morning, you can set the timer to turn on the heater in the evening. In this way, the room/home will be at a comfortable temperature when you arrive.

Having said that, not all aspects of a timer are hunky and dory. For, since the water will sit idly in the tank throughout the day, it can breed microbes which the humidifier will then dissipate alongside the moisture in the evening. So, if you want to use a timer, make sure to dry the humidifier thoroughly after every few uses.

Best Humidifier 2018 – Mistakes to Avoid
There are two types of mistakes you could do with your humidifier: pre-purchase and post-purchase. We’ll look at both to make sure you don’t commit them.

Buying Warm-Mist Humidifier Setting humidity level too high (or too low)Overlooking the filter

As suggested earlier, warm-mist humidifiers operate by heating water to turn it to steam. This means that they could cause burns; both from the heating element as well as hot water and steam. Because of that very risk, American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you DO NOT use them in homes having children.

Also, if you do not have children around, we still recommend deciding against warm-mist humidifiers. Why? Well, because of their operating cost. Since they use electricity to heat water, warm-mist humidifiers cost more than their ultrasonic or evaporative counterparts.

A major mistake which most of us are guilty of making is setting the humidity level of the humidifier too high. We think that by doing so, all our skin and asthma problems will be a goner. The Environmental Protection Agency suggests otherwise.

For, if we add too much moisture to the air, we run the risk of aiding the growth of dust mites, bacteria, and even mold. That doesn’t mean, however, that we should settle on less humidity. For that will result in problems we discussed at the beginning.

So, what should we do? Again, the EPA offers us a clue. It states that the right humidity level – for any home – lies somewhere between 30 percent and 50 percent.

There are two types of humidifiers available in the market: those containing filter and those doing away with it. Tell me, which one do you think is safe to use? Of course, the one with the filter.

While there is nothing wrong with filter-less models, they require daily rinsing. And unless you do that, there is a risk of bacteria buildup. Filter humidifiers, by contrast, require monthly replacement for the same.

Therefore, unless you’re extra efficient at everything – and can take the responsibility of rinsing the filter-less humidifier every day, do yourself and your family members a favor and invest in a humidifier which contains a filter.

Choosing the best humidifier for everyone wasn’t an easy task. Not only did we have to choose products of varying prices, but we also had to take coverage area, tank capacity, and intended usage patterns into consideration. Now that we have done all of that – as the list of the ten best humidifiers shows – the onus is on you to select the product which suits your needs the best.

Good luck!